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Minister/Mission Leader Search (Christ-based life reversal from a lost lifestyle)

- Gilbert Starble

Seeking members of the body of Christ to help us find the right person or couple that may have a background in addiction, or a formerly incarcerated criminal, or any type of a Christ-based life reversal from a lost lifestye.This advertisement marks the first recruitment ad to find a mission leader for a December 15, 2020 launch of this faith-based sober-living residence. A 1981 convicted felon, and former white collar criminal, has recently converted (Gilbert was baptized into Christ on August 2017) and has relocated from Boston, Mass., to Charles City, Iowa, in a search for God’s purpose for his life. Now, the owner of a financially stable and growing hospitality finance company (Hartwood Hospitality Labs, Inc.) converts older rural motels into apartments that open doors via employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in each new property purchased. This is an opportunity for future advancement. The mission leader selected for this location will join staff as a mission leader in a sober-living resident ministry from inside a successful company led by a devoted follower of Christ. This mission leader would become part of a family of staff members that consist of a variety of former addicts, formerly incarcerated, abused single mothers, homeless individuals and other troubled people who have opened their hearts to Jesus Christ. This comes during a time of growing social ills such as addiction, crime, and persecution of the church.

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