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Full-Time Preacher – Winnsboro Church of Christ

- Winnsboro Church of Christ

NOTE: As of August 14, 2019, this item has been marked as expired, and will no longer be displayed on the classifieds listing page.

Winnsboro Church of Christ is seeking a full-time pulpit minister with at least five years preaching/ministry experience (preferred) with Church of Christ congregations. This person must be deeply dedicated to the truth of the Scriptures and be able to show the relevance of its message. We prefer a family man with the ability to lovingly connect with saints of all ages. An individual with a Bible degree from a Christian university and mission trip experience is a plus. We are searching for a minister who will nurture, uplift, and spur our members to an ever-present love of the Lord and consistent spiritual growth. We seek a preacher who defines his ministry as preaching, teaching, and equipping others to serve — all focused on spreading the Gospel and changing lives in our community and abroad. The ideal candidate is an enthusiastic and highly motivated self-starter with a focus not only on developing strong interpersonal relationships within the membership, but also possessing an evangelical attitude with a desire to reach out to the community in order to grow the church in our area.

You will serve alongside five shepherds, five deacons and a youth minister. We have elder-centered leadership, we believe in a literal interpretation of the Scriptures and hold to the basic principles that are essential to salvation. Winnsboro Church of Christ conducts traditional congregational style acappella singing in our worship services with 150 members.

We offer a a parsonage and competitive salary¬† commensurate with experience and education. If you feel you satisfy the above requirements and might like to serve with us, please send your resume, personal and professional references (three) as well as a digital copy of one of your sermons. Send to [email protected] (video preferred) by August 20, 2019.¬† If selected from a telephone interview, you, and your wife also, will be invited to visit us in Winnsboro, Texas. During this visit, the selection group will conduct a face-to-face interview and you will be asked to present two sermons (morning and evening) and teach a Sunday morning auditorium adult class.

Note: If selected for an interview a background check will be conducted on you and your spouse.

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