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Full-Time Minister – Wheless Lane Church of Christ

- Wheless Church of Christ

The elders oversee the preaching and teaching ministry and currently seek a congregational minister to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain a consistent discipline of prayer, study and reflection on the word of God;
  • Maintain a lifestyle consistent with that of a messenger of God so that he may instruct, rebuke and encourage the congregation without impediment;
  • Preach the doctrine of Christ through the delivery of biblically sound, engaging, relevant sermons at all worship assemblies;
  • Facilitate spiritual growth of members and physical growth of the congregation;
  • Create messages to edify and encourage both younger and seasoned generations;
  • Teach the doctrine of Christ, as a primary teacher within the church’s Bible education program;
  • Plan, study and prepare, in order to deliver interactive and enriching lessons for the adult classes;
  • Collaborate with the elders to work on educational curriculum, long and short-term objectives and teaching rotations for the adult classes;
  •  Provide spiritual counsel and care to the membership;
  •  Along with the elders, visit members at their homes, in the hospital or in nursing homes;
  •  Maintain office hours for accessibility of the membership;
  •  Perform wedding ceremonies and funerals as a courtesy to the members of the congregation.

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