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Full-time Minister/Preacher – Camelback Church of Christ

- Camelback Church of Christ

NOTE: As of November 30, 2021, this item has been marked as expired, and will no longer be displayed on the classifieds listing page.

Camelback Church of Christ, Inc., a 125 member congregation in central Phoenix, Arizona, is looking for a personable, family-oriented, mature Christian Minister to preach engaging sermons that address current issues of today, teach and minister to our youth, youth families and other members of our congregation. This is a full-time position.
Candidate must possess all of the following to apply:
• Husband of a supportive & devoted Christian wife who has the ability and willingness to minister to teen girls.
• Two (2) years’ ministry experience working with youth in a Bible based congregation including experience ministering to and working with other age groups.
• Positive, genuine, contagious personality that can influence a wide diversity of people, both children and adults.
• Ability to effectively preach & teach engaging biblical lessons to youth and adults that apply to current day situations and challenges.
• Excellent knowledge of scripture… both facts and application.

Preferred qualifications:
• Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in related field (Bible, Missions, Youth Ministry, etc.).
• Ability to lead singing both in a public setting and in a devotional setting.
• Experience raising children.

QUESTIONS or TO APPLY: Send materials electronically to: [email protected]
Camelback Church of Christ offers competitive salary & insurance benefits.

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