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Director of Counseling Services – Southeastern Children’s Home

- Southeastern Children's Home

NOTE: As of July 31, 2018, this item has been marked as expired, and will no longer be displayed on the classifieds listing page.

This position opening has expired.


The Director’s basic general function is to oversee the daily operation of the Southeastern Children’s Home Counseling Center. This may include staffing, budgeting, maintaining of files and licenses, training, obtaining contracts, supervision of other counselors, and counseling. The Director will report to the Executive Director – or whom the Executive Director may specify – any and all concerns related to the center.

The Director will maintain a professional and ethical relationship with all entities contacted on behalf of the center.


Oversee staff related to the daily operations of the Southeastern Children’s Home Counseling Center.

Oversee the staff needs such as: adding of staff, training of staff, and maintaining appropriate staff for the center.

Supervision of counselors, whether for licensure or just the basic oversight of the cases.


Participate in the development of the budget for the center.

Participate in fundraising for the center, as needed and appropriate.

Speak on behalf of the center, both to churches and/or businesses.

Enter into contracts with businesses for Employee Assistance Plans.

Seek additional support for the center as appropriate.


Maintain supervision of the non-counseling staff as needed.

Maintain supervision of counselors (for licensure or basic supervision), of the center as needed.

Maintain files as appropriate for the center.


Maintain counseling rooms as appropriate.

Oversee facilities to maintain an environment conducive for counseling.

Seek additional facilities, if/when needed.


Oversight of licenses, of the center, and/or of the counselors.

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