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Church of Christ elder brings his ‘Duck Dynasty’ to reality TV

WEST MONROE, La. — A bayou family lives the American dream as they stay true to their family values and lifestyle.
That’s how the A&E Network bills “Duck Dynasty,” a reality series that premieres March 21.
“Ask anyone in Louisiana, and they’ll tell you the bayou state’s favorite first family doesn’t live in the governor’s mansion but in the backwoods, where the Robertsons’ rags-to-riches story is still unfolding,” an A&E promo says. “A homegrown mom-and-pop operation, Duck Commander has become a sporting empire by fabricating top-of-the-line duck calls and decoys out of salvaged swamp wood.”
Duck Commander Phil Robertson is an elder for the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ, where son Alan preaches.
Read a January 2009 Christian Chronicle feature on Phil Robertson.
A bayou family lives the American dream as they stay true to their family values and lifestyle.
That’s how the A&E Network bills “Duck Dynasty,” a reality series that premieres March 21.
“Ask anyone in Louisiana, and they’ll tell you the bayou state’s favorite first family doesn’t live in the governor’s mansion but in the backwoods, where the Robertsons’ rags-to-riches story is still unfolding,” an A&E promo says. “A homegrown mom-and-pop operation, Duck Commander has become a sporting empire by fabricating top-of-the-line duck calls and decoys out of salvaged swamp wood.”
Duck Commander Phil Robertson is an elder for the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ, where son Alan preaches.
Read a January 2009 Christian Chronicle feature on Phil Robertson.

  • Feedback
    website: www.njcofc.com
    I watched Phil the other nite preaching the Word. I was impressed with his down to earth easy to understand method of presenting Truth.
    Rhodney Freeman
    North Jefferson churchof Christ
    Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455
    August, 26 2013

    Thank you Robertson family for bringing true Christianity to our living rooms. Thank you for showing us that love for God and love for people is what Christianity is – not hypocrisy and judgement. With millions of people watching Duck Dynasty, it’s obvious that your show not only re-inforces the standards and values we share, but also fills a void for those who need a higher moral standard. LOVE the show, and I pray for God’s continued blessings on you all!
    Heath, TX
    August, 21 2013

    We started a ministry in October of 2012 called Tell It Again, (www.tellitagain.net) and we do a Christian drama on the Life of Peter. Someone tried to throw a barb our way and called our 90min production “Duck Dynasty” bc of my wig and beard. Well now that I have seen DD, since my grandson bought the DVD sets, I’ve watched it and I now consider it an honor to be referred to in such a manner. Meanwhile folks are still coming to Christ at our dramas. Thanks Phil for clean example of faith.
    Stan Jones
    Sims, NC
    August, 16 2013

    God has greatly blessed you and the family. I gave up a singing career because I did not want to sing in the clubs and ungodly places.I will continue to pray for your family. The prayers of a righteous man is like money in the bank.
    kerens church of christ
    kerens, tx
    August, 16 2013

    @ Marty of Goliad, Texas, who said: “If the Robertson family claims to be Church of Christ, why are they an attraction at a fundraiser for a non-denominational ministry?”
    Marty, I grew up in the CofC and attended Harding U. I’m saying this respectfully and gently: Your remarks carry the standard hint that the CofC is the ONLY form of worship accepted by God.
    Yet there are many traditions within the CofC that have been “codified” into law, and anyone who doesn’t see things exactly the same way is labeled as practicing an untrue religion.
    Listen to some of Rick Atchley’s sermons about his own CofC congregation, and you might come to see (as we did) that the door is wider than we earlier thought.
    Oak Ridge Baptist
    Spring, TX
    August, 14 2013

    Would love to have you all visit and speak at our service.
    Mountain Veiw Church of Christ,,Rossville,GA.
    Smith, GA.
    July, 29 2013

    The Word tells us that elders, or deacons, are not to be given to much wine. So we have a show that promotes clean and wholesome living, lifts the name of the Lord, and maintain a humility about themselves where they remember their roots and give thanks to the Source of their success. Keep up the good work. “Hey”
    Southern Baptist
    St Marys, Ohio
    June, 28 2013

    If the Robertson family claims to be Church of Christ, why are they an attraction at a fundraiser for a non-denominational ministry? Our congregation has many needs that can’t be met. For $100 a plate, I could attend tonights fundraiser for ManToMan Ministries, if I cared to, but I don’t think I can afford that luxury.
    Goliad Church of Christ
    Goliad, TX
    June, 11 2013

    Thanks to Brother Phil Robertson and his entire family for providing us with a wholesome show which I can sit and watch with my Grandchildren. Bless you Brother Roberson and keep up the good work.
    Jess Brewer
    Pauls Valley Church of Christ
    Pauls Vallley, Oklahoma
    May, 18 2013

    I hope that this show pulls more and more viewers in so we can show America how to be good parents, spouses, kids and grandparents…about God, morals, and the importance of hard work and family. God Bless the Robertsons for letting us share a small portion of their amazing and blessed lives! #TeamJace!
    Lauri T
    Louisville, Kentucky
    May, 9 2013

    this past sunday i found out you went to our congergation! fellow christain
    blane campbell
    graber road church of christ
    rosenburg, texas
    united states
    May, 6 2013

    I carried my wife( Mary Jo ) to Freed-Hardaman University on May 4th to hear Mr Phil Robertson speak for her 55th birthday. We have been happily married for 35 years. Phil’s talk was like a breath of fresh air. I have never heard the truth spoken more plainly. Our entire country needs to hear what he has to say. Hearing Mr Phil speak and knowing he is able to reach large numbers of people gives me hope that we can turn this nation back to God. Keep up the good work.
    If you are ever in Waynesboro,TN please stop in and worship with us at the Wayne Furnace Church of Christ.
    alvin creecy
    Wayne Furnace Church of Christ
    waynesboro, tn
    May, 6 2013

    I just want to say this is the best TV show on AETV. This is what our country needs to see and listen to today. A show that promotes GOD,FAMILY,and MORALS. I try not to miss an episode. My wife and I are both Christian believers and proud to see a show of this quality.The best on TV at this time. Keep the faith and good work of GODS word present to the world in his name. Thanks to all on the show.
    Michael Wages
    Social Circle, Ga.
    April, 17 2013

    I love Duck Dynasty and I can hardly wait for it to come on each week.I wou8ld like to know if they are as friendly off screen and if they will actually talk to people they meet on the street. Like the group Alamaba they were so down to earth and I would love to think that the Robinson clan would be the same way, love them all.
    bobbie allen
    Church of God
    belton, s.c.
    March, 20 2013

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Duck Dynasty & the Robertson family!!! It’s good to watch & enjoy a show without worrying if the next word is going to be vulgar or God’s name in vain!!! On the note about the wine … I don’t think they drank it to get drunk … just celebrating their achievement!!! I hope to see many, many more years of your show/life 🙂 Keep up the wonderful job!!!
    Jeana Howard
    Garrett, KY
    March, 17 2013

    I knew within a few episodes that this family was deeply rooted into The Church. I love to watch, I think this gives such a positive light on faith. I have a great number of uncles who are elders in our church, and I can see the same mannerisms in them. You guys are awesome. be proud of who you are and what you stand for.
    Walnut Grove Church of Christ
    Crum, WV
    March, 16 2013

    I am so excited to see my brothers & sisters on TV demonstrating a Christian lifestyle and being members of the Lord’s church (church of Christ). They are Not ashamed of the Gospel (Rom 1:16)
    Jeaneen Parker
    Church of Christ at the Blvd.
    Cleveland, Ohio
    March, 14 2013

    I really enjoy the show. I love the way the family comes together & have an enjoyable time even when things dont go right. When i saw the congregation and the way Phil would bring out the bible to make a point to Ms.Kay,i knew we had a bond. Thank God he has blessed u & the family to bring decincy,respect,& family values to television. Y’all have definitely brought enjoyment back to tv. I try not to miss any episodes. Keep up the wonderful work my brothers & sisters in Christ.
    JoAnn McArthur
    Mill St Church of Christ
    Lake Charles, La
    March, 13 2013

    Love the show, nice seeing good morals, no beeps because of language and the use of preacher for one who preaches the word of God.
    Tami Hudson
    Hobart church of Christ
    Valparaiso, Indiana
    March, 13 2013

    Just wanted to take a minute to say how thankful I am that someone has put a show on TV that has Christian values. I have watched this show from day one and will continue to post ads on FB for others to find it. God Bless…
    Alan Mayes
    Central Church of Christ
    Tracy City, TN
    March, 13 2013

    We have fallen in love with the Duck Dynasty and to be able to watch a TV show that is clean cut and fun is so refressing. Finally a Christian show that shows you family values and their love for the Lord. Thank you to all the Robinsons and May God Bless each of you.
    Karla Lindamood
    Cornerstone Ind. Baptist Church
    Cumby, Texas
    March, 10 2013

    I thought after hearing you end your prayer in jesus name and when they showed ya’ll small church congregation with no musical instruments that your family may be of the church of Christ faith,and I indeed was right,so glad someone is bringing religion back to tv,it’s long over do!….
    nancy wade
    church of christ
    Highlands,, Texas
    United states of america
    March, 7 2013

    God bless pastor Alan and his family and flock! You must be doing something right, judging by the criticism! So many, many people are challenged to place their faith in Christ because of Phil’s show. God bless you all.
    Ordained Minister
    Lafayette, Indiana
    United States of America
    February, 8 2013

    Quit going to church on a count no beards allow in church
    gary stevens
    Boon, Michigan
    February, 3 2013

    We love your show,Glad to see a show on TV where there is good morals. The country needs more shows like this. God Bless you
    Acts 2:38
    Arnold Marcum
    Mt. Alto Church of Christ
    Point Pleasant, WV
    February, 3 2013

    I”m such a big fan of the TV show and think its such a blessing to see that there are still some family programs out there that other christian families can sit down together and wath with children. i love seeing the robertson gang pray for blessings at the end of each episode. please keep up the work of the lord and always keep your christian lifes first. keep us in yoru prayers as you wll be in ours. there will always be those that have something bad to say about the way you stand up for the lord,but keep him first and always give thanks to him and his son jesus christ and everything will continue to work out in your lives. and thanks again for such a clean and christian program. . thanks again. pastor tim
    Pastor Tim barr
    damascus, va
    February, 1 2013

    I was so happy to find out that this Family was members of the Church of Christ, something just kept telling me each time I watched the show how much Phil loved God, and he would pray, this just makes me Happy Happy Happy !! God Bless All Of You !!!
    Tammy Mabry
    Round Knob Church Of Christ
    Draper, Virginia
    United States
    January, 25 2013

    I heard so many stories about this show so I decided to watch. After two weeks a coworker informed me that this family attends the C.O.C in LA. I was first shocked! Love to watch….
    Melonie Collins
    Scarboro Church of Christ
    Oak Ridge, Tennessee
    January, 22 2013

    i love the show and can’t wait for the new season to begin. The thing that warms my heart is the prayer before dinner. I oftern bow my head while he prays.
    Mainland Church of Christ
    Texas City, Texas
    January, 19 2013

    I am new to watching the show but love the kinship of the family. SI cracks me up and Jase is funny. I watch many back to back episodes and cant take my eyes off it. Love that they are not talking trash and swearing so tired of that from regular TV. Keep up the great show and I will keep watching.
    Central Square, NY
    January, 18 2013

    I couldn’t figure out what all the buzz was about…Duck Dynasty? Sounds like another ridiculous reality show that makes me squirm in my seat. How surprised I was to see a loving family with clean language, no drinking or smoking and showing respect for each other in every way. The prayer before the meal is the icing on the cake. You can tell when that is being done for entertainment value and when a family truly has prayer incorporated into their daily lives. These folks live their religion. For some reason I had a hunch the Robertsons were affiliated with the Church of Christ. I believe in the fundamentals..for the most part, but there are a few larger issues that caused me to break with the Church. Keep up the good work Robertsons!
    Jane Hammond
    Raised Church of Christ
    Caldwell, OH
    United States
    January, 5 2013

    Love the show!Thats great that the family sits down for dinner as one and a prayer is said.
    Dennis Carter
    lexington church of christ
    lexington, south carolina
    January, 5 2013

    Wish everyone would take the time to do a word study on the word wine as it is used in the Bible. Our word “wine” is used to describe three specific categories in the Bible: grapes, grape juice, and fermented drink. If you take the time to do a word study on the original language of the Bible you will find that Jesus never made nor consumed fermented drink. People have a way of turning the Bible into what they want it to be, rather than taking a minute longer to be sure of what it actually is.
    church of Christ
    Birmingham, Al
    January, 4 2013

    love the show! i feel like my family could sit across the table and carry on a friendly conversation as if we had know each other forever. on an episode, the wives mentioned going to “canton”, (east texas) that is where the 1st monday trades day flea market is located. that made me smile, considering it is just a short drive from van. small world. God bless your family.
    carpenter family
    van church of christ
    van, texas
    January, 3 2013

    The senior minister @ WFRCOC IS my former preacher/ Kellett always taught to pray “IN JESUS’ NAME”! Clearly the prayers of these Christians have been edited (deleted) by censorship of the producers.
    Judy Ryan
    Kaufman COC
    BUDA, TX
    January, 3 2013

    Weee love this show.Nice to see good wholesome entertainment on tv these days.Finally a show our family can watch and enjoy. We look forward to wed nights.With god on your side your family has no bounderies.god bless u and your family .HI SI
    hillcrest assembly of god
    seguin, texas
    January, 2 2013

    I have in past avoided reality TV, but this one sounds different. Can’t wait to watch. Seriously brothers and sisters: speak where the Bible speaks. We are admonished to avoid Drunkenness, not drinking. It sounds like this is such a refreshing change from the usual debauchery dished out to us, and you wanna complain about a toast and a winery?
    A&M Church of Christ
    Bryan, TX
    December, 25 2012

    We Love, Love, Love this show!Thank you for showing good Christian values on TV! I felt the family connection the first time I watched this show and am facinated that we are united in the Lord. As to the question on the wine; Jesus’ first miracle was making water into wine, and it was the BEST wine at the feast. I would have been first in line to taste his wine, and still am. The Bible states that Elders should not be given to wine, which indicates the abuse of. God Bless and Merry Christmas! (loved the Christmas show!)
    Sabine Mixon
    Mt. Mesa Church of Christ
    Lake Isabella, CA
    December, 24 2012

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Just awesome! I think it is important to remember that our limited view of this wonderful family is an entertainment production. It is so apparent that these fine folks are true to God, Family and Country to a level that most in this country will never be and we should not be so critical of what we “think” they see on TV. I am so HAPPY to be able to watch a “reality” show that promotes respect and support for family and friends, the importance of God and values and of course..the outdoors. Keep up the great work and congratulations on your family’s success!
    Hamburg, NY
    December, 14 2012

    Love this show! We need more shows on TV like yall’s!I can watch your show in front of my 3 year old and not worry about what yall are going to say! Thanks for being a witness!
    Christian/Non Denominational
    Palacios, Texas
    December, 13 2012

    December, 12 2012

    I have to agree that the episode on the winery and at another function where it showed the group drinking wine, then; I assume, they were drinking wine at their dinner table. Assuming that Phil, partook in these instances doesn’t the Bible exclude elders from drinking any alcoholic beverage?
    Phoenix, AZ
    December, 12 2012

    I was raised in the Church of Christ..I don’t understand why some have an issue with the episode about the winery…doesn’t the Bible speak of drinking of wine ???? The sin is getting drunk, not a sip of wine !!! Mr. Phil, Ms Kaye, Willie, Jace, Jeb and Uncle Si..your show is AWESOME..I hope for many more years of DUCK DYNASTY !!!!
    Church of Christ
    Nettleton, MS
    December, 11 2012

    Love the show. After watching 2-3 shows, I knew there was something different about them. Now after reading this article on the show & the family, I know why it’s different. I love to watch you all. It’s wonderful to watch a show and not have to hear profanity and other “ugly stuff.”Love and prayers in Christ to the whole family. A sister in Christ.
    Nancy Yates
    MtCarmel christian church of Christ
    Abingdon, VA.
    December, 9 2012

    Love the show, refreshing to see a show that is not ashamed of God! Also to see a successful family business that glorifies God. I prey that people who watch this show who are not believers in the one true God will see that you can be a redneck,good ol’boy,jokester,and beaver dam blower upper and live life with Christ at the center of it. P.S lov ya Sy
    Hanley Christian Reformed
    Grandville, Mi
    United States
    December, 8 2012

    Thanks for showing the you can have good clean fun. Thanks also for Si letting Viet Nam days not die. God bless
    Church of Christ
    como, ms
    December, 7 2012

    Watching show for the first time,Love the leadership for our young boys,clean and humerous love the show will be a part of our family movie night.God Bless and thank you
    James Schultz
    rochester church of christ
    shelby township, mi.
    December, 7 2012

    Your Vivian, L.A. Brasher relatives are very proud of your entire family! Thank you all for keeping our Lord in your lives on TV.
    Bill Brasher
    Pencil Bluff, AR
    December, 7 2012

    Thank you so much for such an awesome show I love all the family morals, and how he speaks to his grandson with his girlfriend about not having sex before marriage that is awesome thank you so much I loved the show Dave Nelson Whittier California
    David Nelson
    duck dynasty
    Whittier, California
    United States
    December, 6 2012

    I LOVE Duck Dynasty. I have 2 boys and they love it as well. My husband is a Chaplain and we appreciate that we can watch it without worrying about what our boys watch. Thank you. I pray for Phil and his family every day that they stay true to their values.
    Lori Jeffries
    First Baptist Church El Paso and United States Sargeant Majors A
    El Paso, Texas
    December, 5 2012

    AWESOME SHOW!!! Love that I can sit with my family and watch a good clean show!! Keep up the good work Robertson Family!! The christian life is a very rewarding life to live and it is shown in this family!!
    Tammy Waters
    Odum, Ga
    December, 5 2012

    To answer a comment above, my son is doing a research paper for college on Phil Robertson, and we found out Phil was interviewd by Brent High, and Phil brought it to his attention he knew A&E kept editing out in Jesus Name when he prayed and they are working together to show the prayer being said in Jesus Name (well at the time at least one eposide shows this) — True Christian man, and just when my teenage son needed a role model, thank you Phil and Robertson Family! We truly appreciate you!
    Belinda Crisco
    Richfield, NC
    December, 4 2012

    December, 3 2012

    Duck Dynasty FINALLY brought back FAMILY TELEVISION! This is a show we can sit down and watch with our grandJoys and not be afraid of what they may pick up and repeat/reenact…words, actions, clothing…I would be proud for any of my children and grandchildren to repeat/reenact the respect (due to the value of faith and family) shown in this program.
    Susan Crittenden
    Athens, AL
    November, 28 2012

    This is the greatest show Ive ever watched in my 50 years of living. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord and We will watch Duck Dynasty
    Kevin W. Parker
    Madison, Florida
    November, 20 2012

    Love you guys
    North Oaks Church of Christ
    Santa Clarita, California
    November, 17 2012

    thanks for giving us something worth watching.
    Ronald Brown
    Broad St. Church of Christ
    lexington, tennesssee
    November, 16 2012

    FINALLY something on TV worth watching! And we love that it is of our brothers and sisters of Christ.
    Duck St. church of Christ
    Stillwater, Oklahoma
    United States of America
    November, 13 2012

    I highly recommend Duck Dynasty to anyone who values family/morals/laughter in today’s world. We live in a fallen world and it’s strengthing to see the support and blessings the Robinson’s give to each other and their community. Phil is a biblical head of family & it shows in the way he treats Miss Kay/children/grandchildren/extended family. May God continue to bless you all & the people watching who truly “get it”. TV without cursing/sex/violence is wonderful. Thank you all.
    St John Neumann Catholic Church
    Mt Laurel, NJ
    October, 18 2012

    I have watched the show that Phil Robertson in on and the one thing that bothers me is that when they say the blessing for the food they do not pray in Jesus name, why is that?
    Clarence Wiles
    Mt. Comfort Church of Christ
    West Fork, AR
    October, 11 2012

    My daughter told me that here and her brother watched the series.When I started watching them I couldn’t stop laughing.I especially loved the one when they went frog hunting and the snake falls into the boat . Great belly laughter,keep it up.
    sean kelly
    bethel assembly of god
    lantana, fl
    August, 26 2012

    Love, Love, Love Duck Dynasty! Great for the whole family, for all ages.
    Church of God
    Fultondale, Alabama
    August, 13 2012

    I love watching your show. My husband enjoys it as well. It is amazing seeing people from my college alumni keeping the faith on reality TV.
    Sarah Warren
    Concord, NH
    August, 6 2012

    I want to thank the network for such a great family show. My entire family; 20’ish year old DAUGHTERS, 70 year old mother, myself a 47 year old female & my brother’s family from 5 to 19 ALL watch this show. They give me hope that there is still families that are close and eat, pray and play together like our family.
    Please continue to care this wonderful, inspiring show. Thank You From The Millwood Family
    Regina Jones
    Long View Pointe Baptist
    Olive Branch, MS
    United States
    July, 24 2012

    Our 33 year old daughter, Dr. Lea, encouraged us to start watching “Duck Dynasty”. She says that her educated friends at the U of Al never miss it. It reminds me of my rural childhood. My dad and cousins hunted and fished for food. Charles and I rejoice that A & E plans to have season 2. Clean, Godly entertainment.
    Mary n Charles Yerby
    Kennedy Church of God
    Kennedy, AL
    June, 25 2012

    I love the show! I wonder if Larry West still goes to Church there in West Monroe? I have heard him preach several times and really enjoyed him. I wish that the Duck Dynasty crew would come our way and preach at a local Church of Christ so that I could take me and my son who is a big fan of the T.V. show and the duck calls they make! I hope they keep the show going! We love it!!
    Shawn Bledsaw
    Washburn Church of Christ
    Booneville, Arkansas
    June, 18 2012

    we LOVE watching the show!!! EVEN RERUNS! Considering what is on TV this day and time, we do not hesitate to let our children watch this! Before we ever knew that these folks were members of the church, it made us think…there were NO curse words!! Way to go Robinson family! We really enjoy you here in MS!!! God bless you all. ENJOY your Duck Dynasty!
    Dana Stratton
    Crystal Springs Church of Christ
    Crystal Springs, MS
    June, 7 2012

    Finally, a truly funny reality show! It is refreshing to see men who don’t cuss. Good-ness, that says it all. The Lord is using them to make a difference. I also have 4 grown sons who tend to get a little rowdy at times. Every person I have told about the show falls in love with it. Nothing wrong with a good belly laugh! (Hope to see a Christmas Special).
    susan lopez
    Mesa, AZ
    United States
    June, 1 2012

    We love Duck Dynasty! We appreciate this clean and funny show everytime we sit down to watch it! God will keep blessing them BIG BIG for all their Godly and Righteous efforts!
    Vision Christian Center
    Chauvin, LA
    May, 30 2012

    hello, just a note to say we love your show.my little boy just loves all of you so muc, he lost his dad a couple years ago . isn there anyway he could maybe meet the guys on the show .. he loves sal…
    biloxi, mississippi
    united states
    May, 30 2012

    Love the show. It is nice to have a program that doesn’t have cursing and bad words. The antics of the family keep me laughing. I got my parents watching the show and they can’t get enough of it. Thanks, Robertsons!
    The White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ does great work for the Lord.
    Janice Mattoon
    Third Street Church of Christ in Le Mars, IA
    Pierson, IA
    May, 27 2012

    Love this show, wasn’t sure at first, but they all grow on you. I just crack up all the time. Love them all. Where is the 4th Son?
    Lori Lien
    Lincoln, NE
    May, 18 2012

    love the show it is refreshing God bless you guys.
    david duggan
    church of the nazarene
    St catharines, onntario
    May, 10 2012

    I think it’s really cool that the Duck Dynasty family goes to the Church of Christ , I have been to their church before when I was a teenager for a youth thing and now my kids go, they have an awesome church !!!!
    tami pitzer
    naples church of christ
    naples , texas
    May, 10 2012

    I would just like to say how much I love the show and feel that this family have great family values and strong morals. They are still down to earth and thank God for their many blessings, so it saddens me to see some of these comments about them drinking champagne and wine. I’m proud to see that Phil is from the church of christ background and doesn’t condemn or turn his nose up at some who enjoy a glass of wine. For you to place a silly judgment on this family for that and stop watching the show is your loss because it is by far one of the best family friendly shows on tv these days. I’m happy for this family and my husband and I laugh non stop watching this show. Everyone should have an uncle Si!!
    non denominational
    bruce, ms
    May, 5 2012

    Re: To Joy,
    My husband & I are Christians, my husband is an adept outdoors men. Together we watch Duck Dynasty, and we love them,they are very refreshing to watch,and they are real.Considering what is on TV now days. We watched that episode, and if you were watching closely, you would have seen,everyone took one little sip,then most everyone spit out the so called wine,because the wine wasn’t even fermented.
    You sounds like you are a nit picker.God is our judge.
    We love you Duck Dynasty!! We would love to see Alan on the show, just once.
    Janie Moore
    Corning, ohio
    May, 4 2012

    I am happy for the Robertson family. They appear to be out enjoying the world that God blessed them with. They also remind me of the important things in life like God, family, work, and hunting for dinner.
    Bart Davis
    Hazel Dell c of c
    vancouver , washington
    May, 4 2012

    went to church with silas and christine and children several years ago. helped them move from one house to the other in paint rock valley!
    barbara hollingsworth
    gurley church of christ
    gurley, al
    May, 3 2012

    I think it is very positive to see a family praying. We are not perfect that’s why Jesus died on the cross for us, also I do remember a wedding where he turned water in to wine.
    biloxi, Ms
    May, 3 2012

    I am very disappointed in the duck dynasty show. I’m confident – and please forgive me if I’m wrong – that they knew before putting the show on national TV that they would be doing the winemaking, drinking what appears to be champaign at their 40th anniversary party.
    We watched last week as they celebrated 40 years…and were saddened by the ending – glasses raised, bubbles floating…but when it came on this week with the winemaking beginning, we were done with it.
    Standing up for the right or succumbing? How near can we come or how far away can we stay? For me, they’ve shown where they stand. I’m sad and now wonder how their elder dad and preacher brother feel about the show.
    Greer, sc
    April, 19 2012

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