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Church member killed, wife wounded in Arizona shooting rampage

Tuesday, Feb. 1, update: Read our Page 1 print story and Inside Story column on Dorwan Stoddard and the Mountain Avenue church.

Sunday, Jan. 16, update: Mountain Avenue Church of Christ member Mavanell “Mavy” Stoddard suffered gunshot wounds to her legs and lost her husband, Dorwan, in the Jan. 8 assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle.gif?Action=thumbnail&Width=460&algorithm=proportionalfords. She didn’t, however, lose her spunk or spiritual strength. “I will survive,” the 75-year-old grieving widow said Sunday, seated in a wheelchair as she took the microphone at her husband’s memorial service. “We will not let that gunman take our hopes.”

Thursday, Jan. 13, update: Dorwan Stoddard knew that eternal life was his, a church elder said. Three days before he died in the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle.gif?Action=thumbnail&Width=460&algorithm=proportionalfords, the 76-year-old church member studied the Bible with Ed Biggers, his friend and brother in Christ.

Wednesday, Jan. 12, update: Dorwan Stoddard gave his life for his wife’s, President Barack Obama said tonight. At a memorial service that drew thousands of mourners, Obama paid tribute to the Arizona church member and five other people killed during Saturday’s assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle.gif?Action=thumbnail&Width=460&algorithm=proportionalfords, who was critically wounded.

Tuesday, Jan. 11, update: Dorwan Stoddard was remembered for his heroics as victims’ relatives spoke at a news conference. Reuters and ABC News both report on this. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see a YouTube video of Texas minister Gordon Dabbs reflecting on Stoddard’s sacrifice of love.

Monday, Jan. 10, update: The Huffington Post interviews minister Mike Nowak, who baptized the Stoddards.  ABC15.com also has a story and video online that includes singing at the Mountain Avenue church and an interview with Nowak.

Sunday, Jan. 9, update: The Los Angeles Times has a new story online about the Arizona church members shot in Saturday’s rampage, as does the Wall Street Journal. The reporters visited the church today. Also, in the reader comments below, the victims’ granddaughter thanks church members for their thoughts and prayers and describes her Grandpa Dorwan as “an amazing man.”

Arizona shooting victims Mavy and Dorwan Stoddard at a Mountain Avenue Church of Christ event several years ago. (Photo by Jennifer Glidden)

Leaders of the Mountain Avenue Church of Christ in Tucson, Ariz., say church members Dorwan and Mavy Stoddard went to the Safeway supermarket near their home Saturday morning to see Rep. Gabrielle.gif?Action=thumbnail&Width=460&algorithm=proportionalfords, who was hosting a “Congress on Your Corner” event for voters.
The Stoddards — described as “the lifeblood” of the 120-member congregation — were among the shooting victims when a gunman opened fire outside the store.
The Democratic congresswoman was shot in the head and listed in critical condition. Six people — including Dorwan Stoddard, 76 — were killed in the rampage that wounded a dozen others, according to church leaders and news reports.
Dorwan Stoddard “has gone to be with the Lord,” said Bobby Valentine, pulpit minister of the Palo Verde Church of Christ in Tucson.
Stoddard’s wife, Mavy, suffered three gunshot wounds to her legs and is in stable condition, leaders said.

Dorwan and Mavy Stoddard hold hands at a church event several years ago. (Photo by Jennifer Glidden)

“They were active members in the church. It’s a big tragedy,” said Valentine, who knew the couple through a Bible camp board and joint activities between the two congregations. “Prayers are the biggest thing right at the moment. I don’t know any details in terms of the services.”
The Arizona Daily Star reported Sunday that the retired couple were standing in line waiting to meet.gif?Action=thumbnail&Width=460&algorithm=proportionalfords when a gunman, later identified as 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, reportedly began shooting a semiautomatic weapon.
Jessica Knapp, who works with the youth group at the Mountain Avenue church, told The Christian Chronicle that Dorwan Stoddard tried to protect his wife during the rampage and was hit in the head.
“He got on top of her and tried to shield her,” said Knapp, relaying information from church secretary Jody Nowak. Nowak and her husband, Mike, the church’s minister, called Knapp from the hospital where Mavy Stoddard was being treated.

Arizona shooting victim Dorwan Stoddard plays a keyboard during a fund-raising event after Hurricane Katrina several years ago. (Photo by Jennifer Glidden)

Besides Dorwan Stoddard, The Associated Press identified those killed as U.S. District Judge John M. Roll; 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green;.gif?Action=thumbnail&Width=460&algorithm=proportionalfords aide Gabe Zimmerman, 30; Dorothy Morris, 76; and Phyllis Schneck, 79.
Chronicle reader Teresa Russell Nystrom wrote on the newspaper’s Facebook fan page: “Dorwan and Mavy have worked on benevolence at MACC for years. They put their hearts into helping others that goes far beyond buying groceries. They have changed lives.”
Knapp, a Mountain Avenue member for about 11 years, described the Stoddards as “the lifeblood of our church.”
“This is going to be a huge hole in our congregation,” Knapp said.
“They were our benevolence committee,” she said of the Stoddards. “They did the job fantastically. Instead of just writing checks, they would go meet with people and find out what was going on in their lives and what their needs were.”
If there was a men’s work day at church, Dorwan Stoddard didn’t just show up; he organized it, Knapp said.
“If the baptistery was leaking, we called Dorwan,” she added.
The Daily Star interviewed Mike Nowak and a friend of the Stoddards:

Mike Nowak, the couple’s minister at Mountain Avenue Church of Christ, said Dorwan Stoddard was “a terrific guy, a jack-of-all-trades.”
Stoddard performed maintenance work at the church; he and Mavanell — everybody calls her “Mavy” — spent their summers traveling. Friends said they visited all 50 states and 28 foreign countries during their trips.
The Stoddards were among the first to visit friend Frankie Williams when she was recovering from hip surgery.

Keep checking this post for updates.

In the above video, Gordon Dabbs, preaching minister for the Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas, reflects on Dorwan Stoddard’s sacrifice of love.

  • Feedback
    Our prayers are with all who were harmed and the families of those who were murdered today. And we especially pray and mourn with Mavy as she has to heal from the attack as well as deal with the loss of her husband.
    And the hardest thing of all, we pray for the soul of the the men who have perpetrated this horrible crime.
    Paul Johnson
    January, 8 2011

    As a sixth grade teacher at Hillsboro, I always tell them to keep their bags packed, for we never know when it’s time to depart. As Christians, we are a diminutive sort and at war with the world. God bless this family.
    Doug Kelso
    January, 8 2011

    My thoughts are the same as Pauls. So sad.
    January, 8 2011

    I am a member of Bell Shoals Church of Christ in Brandon, Florida. My family and I want to send our condolences to the family, church meeting in Tucson, and friends of Mr. Stoddard.
    January, 8 2011

    Our prayers are with you and hearts breaking over this tragedy.
    norine g holland
    January, 8 2011

    Dear Mavy,
    I am so sorry for your terrible loss and injury. I wish I knew words to write you that would comfort & encourage you & the other injured & survivors. But I do know that my words to God will not go unheard and that only He can protect your faith and keep you strong.
    In Jesus,
    Camellia from Canyon View (San Diego)
    Camellia Clark
    January, 8 2011

    Will pray…
    Sharon Jacobson
    January, 8 2011

    How horrible! Praying, of course.
    Jo Ann Dove
    January, 8 2011

    Such a useless loss. Will be praying.
    Kaye Carpenter Safley
    January, 8 2011

    So sad but Heaven’s gain.
    Joyce Patrick
    January, 8 2011

    Praying for the injured and offering sympathy to those who were lost.
    Pat Vail Ramos
    January, 8 2011

    senseless tragedy
    Renee Alley French
    January, 8 2011

    Praying for the family.
    Carole S. Colella
    January, 8 2011

    So sad and senseless…
    Denise Haro
    January, 8 2011

    Will pray for the family.
    Ruby Spiller
    January, 8 2011

    They are in our prayers.. so sad…
    Kelly A. Smith
    January, 8 2011

    We here at the patrick Gardens church of Christ in Jamaica are saddened by these tragic events. Ours prayers are with the church and the families of those afffected by this terrible tragedy
    eddie fisher
    January, 8 2011

    As Christians we have a trremendous advantage over te rest of the world. When all is said and done, we end up in heaven. God bless and comfort all who suffered lose in this world. He has already blessed those who gained heaven.
    Bill Singleton
    January, 8 2011

    Our prayers from the Osprey Avenue Church of Christ in Sarasota, FL will be for Mavy Stoddard and her family, as well as the entire Mountain Avenue Church of Christ because we are all effected by such a tragic loss of another brother in Christ, fellow worker, and fellow soldier in the Lord. In the words of Paul, “…Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might” (cf. Ephesians 6:10).
    Teral Walker
    January, 8 2011

    Sad day in this country.
    Tammie Beardsley Forbes
    January, 8 2011

    We are missionaries in Sydney Australia. We have not met this couple … but having served as a Preacher in the States for 20 years … I have tremendous respect for men and women who serve in Benevolence. We also feel for the congregation that has lost such servants. Psalm 116
    We will keep you all in our prayers … Craig and Tomya Peters
    Craig and Tomya Peters
    January, 8 2011

    I will be praying for everyone involved in this terrible tragedy.How sad and shocking! I extend my sympathy to all who lost loved ones or ones who were injured.
    January, 8 2011

    Many prayers going up for all concerned.
    Watch & pray.
    Craig & Diane Rabb, Yuma, AZ
    Craig Rabb
    January, 8 2011

    The Camelback Church Of Christ in Phoenix sends our heart felt sympathy to Mavy Stoddard and the Mountain Avenue Church Of Christ in the loss of Dorwin Stoddard and the injury to Mavy. We will remember them in prayer at church services tomorrow.
    Tom Trimble
    January, 8 2011

    Our prayers are with the brothers and sisters there as well as the entire town. May the congregations be able to rise to the challenge to provide assistance to all the families involved.
    We will bring this to the attention of our congregation at Washington Ave Church of Christ.
    Tom & Sue Simons
    January, 8 2011

    EVEN without the news of losing a brother to the choir of heaven; it has been a very sad day. Can not find words; so very sorry for your feelings of loss. Stay close to your Spiritual Family; which is the BEST way to stay close to the Father’s HEALING.
    January, 8 2011

    I do not pretend to fathom the depth of loss and sadness involved in today’s events. Nor to undertand them. But I do know that such things in this world are darkness and I do know that Dorwin and Mavy Stoddard were and are light. How great is the light in the midst of such darkness. May God Bless the Stoddard family and the family of saints at Mountain Avenue Church of Christ.
    Kevin Klein
    January, 8 2011

    My prayers are with the Stoddard Family and the members of the Mountain Avenue Church of Christ. What a beautiful thing that this man loved his wife so much he was quick to throw his body over hers to protect her. Such love is amazing and to be commended. Brother Stoddard has finished the race. I’m sure he will hear the words, job well done my good and faithful servant, enter into My rest.
    In His Love,
    Joyce Croxen
    January, 9 2011

    I will pass this news on to our congregation here in Flagstaff tomorrow morning; we’ll be adding our prayers to all of yours.
    Carol Vohs
    January, 9 2011

    Even God’s faithful are touched by the evil around us. May God bless those touched by this tragedy.
    Ermalee Ort
    January, 9 2011

    What a fabulous couple!!! I am so sorry for Mavy and their families at this time. It’s always heartwarming to know they will see him again one day but so sad and unexpected the way he died. We will pray for all the families at this time.
    Lisa Vice Borden
    January, 9 2011

    The entire church mourns with your congregation at the loss of our brother Dorwan Stoddard. The only solace is that he is with our Savior. I pray for Mavy’s physical and emotional healing as well as the healing of your congregation.
    Nashville, TN
    Mark Carrell
    January, 9 2011

    We at the Golden Church of Christ join others in prayers for the congregation at Mountain Ave, and the senseless killing of Dorwan Stoddard. This will be announced at services tomorrow and added to our prayer list.
    Jim Rouse
    January, 9 2011

    Our family grieves with our dear Sister Mavy and all of Brother Stoddard’s family and the whole congregation, community, and country. We rejoice with all of Heaven as they welcome him to his eternal home. Our prayers go up for Mavy as she heals and hurts. May our glorious Father hold her in His loving and magnificent arms through this horrible tragedy. May He help us all learn the power of forgiveness and love during this time. Our prayer is that God almighty will be glorified by the outreach and love of these Christians to all who need love and salvation that were involved and affected by this horrible event. May God comfort us as we all weep and morn for this family, the gunman and his family, the congregation, the community, and the nation.
    Sherril Weiss
    January, 9 2011

    I pray the holy spirit to comfort those grieving and may we all seek Gods love.
    Beebe Arkansas
    Chad Stevens
    January, 9 2011

    I am praying for you all because you are my family member in Christ.
    Edmond Borfay
    January, 9 2011

    My memories of my Dad’s cousin Dorwan are cherished. I enjoyed spending time with you Dorwan here in Alaska. You are admired for your intelligence, character and bravery to name a few. My brother Guy really respected you and enjoyed taking you fishing. My Dad always considered you the expert fix it man. God bless you and the rest of the family.
    Love, Greg
    Greg Stoddard
    January, 9 2011

    <a href=”http://azstarnet.com/news/opinion/editorial/article_aedb485e-c925-504a-87ad-0d5835123b59.html” rel=”nofollow”>Thoughts, prayers for shooting victims.</a> <em>Arizona Daily Star</em> editorial.
    Bobby Ross Jr.
    January, 9 2011

    we are very sad to hear
    chinnamunagala churchofchrist
    January, 9 2011

    To all the family and friends of the Stoddard’s
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. When I read of Mr Stoddard’s dedication to both his wife and the church my heart was both saddened and soared. In a world full of anger and hate, to read of two beautiful individuals as this, renewed a part of me that had died. That part was my faith in humanity. His love for her and his church are evident in his actions and as we know, actions speak louder than words. They are the definition of a Christian. May God be with his dear wife Mary as she struggles to cope with both her injuries and her deep loss of a good man/husband.
    Much love and tender hugs
    Roberta Richardson from Scotland
    January, 9 2011

    My Heart and Prayers go to the victims. What Dorwan Stoddard did is a testament to his faith. How many people are really ready to lay down their life for the sake of another. While it is a loss here on earth, you can be assured he is being received into heaven with accolades.
    Steve Moore
    January, 9 2011

    Our prayers go out to this family and all the family of those killed or injured in this tragedy. To the Stoddard family especially, we want to express our loving sympathy for the untimely (in our eyes)death of our brother in Christ. May the Lord be with you constantly. God’s best.
    Larry Sheehy
    January, 9 2011

    Our prayers go up for Sis. Mavy and her family as they cope with the loss of her dear husband. Heaven’s gain is our loss.
    Denise and Rodger Chaffin
    January, 9 2011

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I am praying that God will intervene on this terrible tragedym, that He will undertake for the grief and loss his wife and the rest of the church feel. As a christian here in Scotland, I have seen the wonderful way in which God can make all things right.
    God bless
    January, 9 2011

    Our condolences to the family and friends of Mary &amp; Dorwin and the Mountain Ave. Church of Christ. We live in Camp Verde, AZ. and heard the news on TV. It sounds as if they were great servants of the Lord. What a great legacy they have left. One can never make sense of this other than to know that the Lord is in control.
    Our prayers and thoughts go out to all those family and friends that have lost loved ones or who were injured. It is comforting to know that he is in God’s hands.
    We pray that because of their influence and deeds of kindness, that many will see their lives and be brought to the Lord.
    Marie &amp; Steve Marshall
    Marie & Steve Marshall
    January, 9 2011

    Our family will be praying for all of you, especially the Stoddard’s. We are part of a family, God’s, and you are our family. We pray God’s blessings and will to be done going forward.
    In Him,
    Brad Tate, Minister
    Fairview church of Christ
    Fairview, TN
    Brad Tate
    January, 9 2011

    Our condolences from Kenya, Africa, to the family of Mary and Dorwan and their home church. There is cruelty in the world. It doesn’t matter where you are. No spot of the universe has absolute peace. Dorwan and Mary showed love and concern for the hurting and may their ministry be multiplied. We can only overcome evil by good. Our prayers are with you all who were hurt, bereaved or were affected by this heinous act in one way or the other. May God’s peace be propagated in the darkest and the lightest corners of this universe. As we mourn this lose, may we pray even more for the great commission call.
    Charles Ngoje
    January, 9 2011

    Blessings to the church family in Tuscon and your range of kingdom connections across the land. The Memorial Drive congregation stands beside you as we trust God will be glorified.
    Terry Rush
    January, 9 2011

    We used to attend MACC when David was in the military. David helped with the youth and Anita jelped in the preschool. Now David preaches in California.
    Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, Mavy, and with your family. What a wonderful Christian your husband was. What a valiant knight in the Kingdom. “No greater love…”, as the Scriptures say.
    Our congregation in Stockton will be lifting you in prayer for your physical and personal healing. We will also be praying for all the brethren of MACC as you deal with and support Mavy through this time of loss.
    All For Father,
    David and Anita Wallace
    New Life Christian Fellowship: a Church of Christ
    Stockton, CA
    David and Anita Wallace
    January, 9 2011

    We never know how we will react in an emergency. I only hope that if I am faced with one, I could be as brave as Dorwan Stoddard who shielded his wife. His life, ministry and courageous death are an inspiration to us all.
    Wayne B
    Vail, AZ
    Wayne B
    January, 9 2011

    I am saddened to hear of this tragic news.My prayers are for comfort to those grieving at this time.God bless
    Annette Adesina
    January, 9 2011

    We felt very sorry to hear this terrible news. The Mountain Avenue Church of Christ has lot a wonderful brother and he is a brother in Christ for us also. So, we extend our deep condolences to Stoddard’s family and we pray for speed recovery with Gods healing for sis.Mavy and other victims. It is a sad incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    With His love
    Vinay, India
    [email protected]
    S.M.Vinay Kumar
    January, 9 2011

    Shalom, my heartfelt condolences for the lost of your beloved church member and blessings upon his surviving wife.
    January, 9 2011

    My prayer and sympathy to the Dorwan family and Mavy. This was a senseless tragedy that affected families of different faiths. My brethren from the Church of Christ have been affected and I mourn with you. From a believer from a different denomination. May the Lord put you on the rock that is hiqher than ourselves. Psalm 62. The Lord bless you and keep you.
    John Hastey
    John Hastey
    January, 9 2011

    Our hearts and prayers are with you. Heavenis a richer place because of this brother. We pray for her recovery and your congregations healing.
    Tom Pauley Elder Western Hills Church of Christ Ft Worth Texas
    January, 9 2011

    We know God can use this evil and turn it into good; however, Mrs. Stoddard will need her congregation’s support for many months and years to come. My prayers are with them.
    Sometimes we as humans feel like there should be more than prayers, but as I grow older I realize it is the most powerful force we as mortals can muster. All the best to my brothers and sisters in Christ at Mountain Avenue.
    Bette F. Terry
    January, 9 2011

    So sad. I’m praying for the Stoddards and I’m also praying that the political vitriol in the US will calm down so there can be breathing space for different points of view in both public and church life.
    January, 9 2011

    Thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families at this time of great tradgedy.
    Sherrie M in Texas
    January, 9 2011

    Standing among the other Christians coming forth to voice my sympathies.
    Adding a Thank you to the quick web posting that witnesses to the whole world that these two victims were Living Members of the Church of Jesus Christ. This was not God’s destiny; it was man’ evil a Manchurian Candidate – my opinion.
    As a former Arizonian, I ask that you stand strong for you Constitutional Rights do not let Confusion nor Political smears mislead you that you discern.
    While Praying for God’s healing of you beautiful members of the Body of Christ and remembering our souls Return to God’s awaiting Arms. For the Comforter’s presence to be with you and guide through this horrific time.
    Thank you again for in posting you are getting the Faith out to people like me who need this testimony and witness of the strength to await the End Times which we all see to be all so near.
    Peace of Christ,
    Joanne Chloe
    January, 9 2011

    Tragedies like this make Heaven all the sweeter. My thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Mavy Stoddard and her families, both physical and spiritual.
    Jeff Haynes
    January, 9 2011

    Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. My grandfather was an amazing man. If you knew him, it is no surprise that he gave his life for his loving wife. They gave everything to each other, and we among some of the happiest people I’ve ever know. R.I.P. Grandpa Dorwan. We’ll always love and miss you.
    Kaitlin Stoddard Bolduc
    January, 9 2011

    Mr. Stoddard loved his wife as Christ loved the church. There is no greater love.
    kathy bowden
    January, 9 2011

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here. You, your entire family and all the victims are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Note to all readers: We have updated the post to include photos of Dorwan and Mavy.
    Bobby Ross Jr.
    January, 9 2011

    It’s so sad to hear of the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona. When one in the body hurts we all hurt. We are lifting prayers to the entire Stoddard family and the Tuscon community during this difficult time.
    Comfort in Him,
    Zayne &amp; Karen Larsen
    of the Bell Shoals Church of Christ
    The Larsen’s of Brandon, FL
    January, 9 2011

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Stoddard family, the Mt Ave. Church of Christ, others who died or were injured, Tucson, and our whole country. What a blessing to know that this man was a warrior for God and has been welcomed to his eternal home in heaven.
    My prayers are also for the person or persons responsible for this tragedy.
    Sue Ezziddine
    January, 9 2011

    I’m so sorry for the Stoddard family. I pray for all involved. I don’t understand how someone can act in this way. May all involved feel His Presence.
    Sharon Heskitt Lake Orion Church of Christ
    January, 9 2011

    i am a member of the Ukiah, CA Church of Christ…prayers being said for all the victims and their families…may God bless you all…
    Janet Ney
    January, 9 2011

    The loss of Brother Stoddard was mentioned today at Madison Church of Christ in Madison, Alabama today. We are so sorry.
    Stephanie Robertson
    January, 9 2011

    We are members of the Northport church of Christ in Northport, Alabama. We share in the grief felt my the multitudes of people world wide who are stunned by this senseless shooting. We will pray for the Stoddard family and friends and for their fellow church members who are also coping with a great loss.
    Greg and Cindy Dixon, Northport church of Christ
    Greg and Cindy Dixon
    January, 9 2011

    My family and I are members at Union Grove Church of Christ in Alabama. Our thought and prayers are with this family and congregation. What a wonderful life of example this couple has lead.
    Cindy Lau
    January, 9 2011

    Thank you for the nice article for our church members.
    Bonnie Rose
    January, 9 2011

    My prayers, thoughts and love go out for this family! Wjat a blessing to know he was family of the church of Christ! God bless!
    Bernice Henley
    January, 9 2011

    great reporting of a story about a man trying to save his wife, accompanied with touching pictures.
    thank you for sharing this.
    Jeff Hammond
    January, 9 2011

    We at the Lander, WY, CoC are praying for all who were harmed, and especially for the familys of those killed yesterday.
    Personally, as a Chaplain for the American Legion, I am often reminded of the scripture in John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one�s life for his friends.”
    And this is exactly what our Brother Stoddard did.
    Additionally, the young man who perpetrated this has a family that is now having to deal with the hate that will be heaped upon all related to him. The hardest thing for many is to forgive those who commit what we think of as the most horrendous sins. I hope that we not only forgive him, but take this opportunity to teach what Christ has taught us – to love one another.
    Thank you Bobbie for the reporting.
    Paul, Lander, WY
    Paul Johnson
    January, 9 2011

    Praying for this family and the congregation!
    Joan Lee
    January, 9 2011

    Prayers for Sis. Mavy for healing and condolences to the entire family in the loss of our dear brother in Christ. Hold on to God’s unchanging hand!
    January, 9 2011

    Greeneville church of Christ, in Greeneville, TN, is praying for Mr. Stoddard’s family. May God provide much comfort!
    Greeneville church of Christ
    January, 9 2011

    ‘Earth’s loss is Heaven’s Gain’.
    Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Mavy and the rest of the family. May the Holy Spirit comfort them and the Peace of God flood their hearts.
    Praying for Mavy’s speedy recovery.
    Bobby Naidoo
    January, 10 2011

    No greater love hath a man that he lay down his life for another. What greater representation of Jesus love for us than this gentlemen who, without thought to himself, gave his life to save his wife’s. Although sadness hangs as a storm cloud, he is receiving his vast reward in heaven.
    Peter Newberg
    January, 10 2011

    He will wipe away every tear from their eyes and there will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain because all the old ways are gone. Revelation 21:4
    Bernina and Harvey
    January, 10 2011

    We send our love and prayers from the Stockton Church of Christ here in Missouri. This leaves us without words for what has happened. We. are so sorry and if there is anything that we can do please let us know. May “God”, comfort your hearts and bring peace within.
    Arnold & Sandy Nelson
    January, 10 2011

    Greetings from your brothers and sisters of the Mountain View church of Christ in Dallas, Tx. We are praying for all those who lost love ones, those who were wounded as well as the shooter. We know that those who die in Christ have the victory. Praying for the community as a whole and that peace and comfort will be yours in the days ahead.
    January, 10 2011

    Our prayers, love and thoughts are with Dorwan Stoddard’s family (especially his wife, for her recovery and comfort) and the Mountain Ave. Church of Christ. May God surround you with His peace and love, and may you continue to be the “light of the world’ and the “salt of the earth. With Christian love, your brothers and sisters in Hemet CA.
    Central Church of Christ
    January, 10 2011

    Our sadness can only be outweighed by the fact that this man is now with our Lord and Savior. My prayers are being lifted for the family.
    God Bless
    Barry Chaffin
    January, 10 2011

    We have this family, as well as all the others, on our prayer list. It is a terrible thing for such things to have to happen. However, God will make good come out of it (Rom. 8:28).
    Jerry McDonald
    January, 10 2011

    Greetings from the Church of Christ Ghanaian congregation in Hyattsville Maryland. Our hearts and prayers go out to you Sister Mavy and the Mountain Avenue church family during what must be the most trying of times. Your grief is ours, and we want you to know that you are not alone. Our congregation will have a special Fasting and prayers this Saturday 01:15:2011 for our beloved Sister Mavy.
    Be Blessed
    Nicholas Mensah
    January, 10 2011

    Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. No words can take away the pain, no bullet can take away the joys of heaven. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family and the church family. In Him, Jim and Dianne Alford-Buchanan Church of Christ-Burns, Oregon
    Jim and Dianne Alford
    January, 10 2011

    The family of the Erie, Pa. church of Christ sends our love, prayers, and sympathy to the Stoddard family. May God bless all who were involved in this tragedy and may His Son Jesus be glorified. We will continue to pray for the Mountain Avenue church of Christ.
    Gale A. Thornton, Minister
    Gale A. Thornton
    January, 10 2011

    Hi brethren,
    May the Lord provide a place in the bosom of the Most High for our departed brother and saint and to also heal all who have been wounded through the shooting incident in Arizona. We also pray for consolation for all those who have lost family members through the tragic incident. May the Lord wipe out all tears. We are with you in prayers.
    Paul Oppong,
    Paul Oppong
    January, 10 2011

    Christina�s Hope
    Christina came into this world,
    that awful September day.
    She brought a light of hope
    Like a sunshine ray.
    Her brown eyes full of promise,
    Of a life yet to be,
    What blessings she had to offer us,
    Which we will never see.
    What of the hope this child inspired,
    born out of tragedy, despair, and pain.
    Does it lay on the ground, shattered,
    Or does it still remain?
    The answer lies within us
    When we can�t seem to agree,
    Do we lash out in destructive rage?
    Do we lift a hand in fury?
    Or do we resolve to stand united
    When we don�t see eye to eye,
    Can we live together?
    Will we allow Cristina�s hope to die?
    John R. Hill
    John R. Hill
    January, 10 2011

    My wife and I are deeply hurt by this senseless tragedy. Our prayers are with the family and all the victims as well as the young man alleged to be responsible.
    Armstead family
    January, 10 2011

    Prayers for the family and church family are being offered up.
    Anna Bockert
    Pickerington Church of Christ
    Pickerington, OH
    Anna Bockert
    January, 10 2011

    We are convoluted by this tragic event that has shaken our nation and the world. Our prayers to God, to comfort the family have lost their loved ones, and the restoration of those who were injured. God bless America.
    Juan &amp; Rosa Perez
    Iglesia de Cristo en Sunset
    Miami, Florida
    Juan & Rosa Perez
    January, 10 2011

    Prayers for comfort going out for all victims and their families from Southwest Christian Church, Ft. Worth, and Pioneer Bible Translators, Dallas. Mavy, we lift you up in your loss of your precious husband, Dorwan. May our Lord give you healing, comfort, and peace.
    Josi Ingram
    January, 10 2011

    My wife and I are members of the Cleveland Av Chruch of Christ in Long Beach Ms. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, and home congregation. May God surround you with your christian family in this time of sorrow.
    Jeff and Belinda Tipton
    Long Beach Ms
    jeffrey tipton
    January, 10 2011

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Stoddards and the Mountain Avenue church family. May you find peace and grace in the “Father of mercies and the God of all comfort.” Military OutReach and Encouragement (M.O.R.E.) Ministry
    Ed And Kathy Linebaugh
    Mayfair Church of Christ
    Huntsville, AL
    Ed And Kathy Linebaugh
    January, 10 2011

    My husband and I with our entire church Chuckwagon Congregational are praying for the Stoddard family and others who were wounded in this tragic event. As Christians we morn, but also rejoice for those lost. Just remember WE ALL WIN IN THE END! Praise God for He is the comforter of the world and He will keep us strong!
    Christie Mehring
    January, 10 2011

    Our deepest sympathies to Mavy &amp; the Mountain Ave. church family. Sunday morning the Gateway Church prayed during our worship that God would reach into your heartache and anger and comfort all of you. We ask that He provide you the stregnth to live bravely knowing that He alone can do such a merciful thing in His children.
    Dorwan was the very best of what it means to be an Arizonan Christian!
    John McCranie
    January, 10 2011

    Our Dearest and most beloved Lord and Savior,
    God You are faithful, You have promised this to us.
    I pray over every family that has been affected by the shooting of their loved one.
    Lord, You are Sovereign over all and have a plan for this, I truly believe.
    So, Christ will You please show Your grace to these families and even the ones affected by observing such a horrific scene.
    Christ, You are the Prince of Peace, You are LOVE.
    Pour Your LOVE over these families. Allow them to sense You more than ever right now.
    Carry them through this situation, please, Christ.
    Christ, You have defeated sin and death and I do believe You can overcome this situation by Your grace.
    May others come to know You through this situation.
    I KNOW You love us all, even when we have to go through such situations as this.
    In Jesus Name,
    January, 10 2011

    Prayers are said in Canada.. We feel your loss. The Lord is always near
    Cal & Irene Young
    January, 10 2011

    Words can’t express our sympathy for your family and the other families who fell victim to this horrific act. May God bless you and give you peace as only he can.
    In Christian love from the Valley View Church of Christ in Jonesboro Arkansas.
    Bob and Gina Colburn
    January, 10 2011

    I and the other Christians at the Horseheads, NY Church of Christ are praying for the Stoddard family and the brotherhood at Mountain Ave. Church of Christ, asking God to help you all through this difficult time and to help heal both the physical and emotional wounds from this terrible event. May the Holy Spirit comfort and strengthen you all in the way only he can do. Though we rejoice for a soul now united with the Lord, we also feel great compassion for the pain of loss you all must feel. Even though I do not personally know any of you, I thought of you all yesterday and the church here prayed especially for you during worship. May God bless you and keep you in his care.
    Carolyn Sheridan
    January, 10 2011

    Sending love to our fellow Christians from Alabama. What a loss to the Lord’s church, yet what a great reward for Bro.Stoddard. Can’t wait to meet him in heaven. I’m looking forward to that day! Hope time will heal the pain of this loss.
    Susan Rogers
    January, 10 2011

    Our thoughts and our prayers go out to Mavy and the Mountain Ave. church family at the tragic lose of our dear brother Dorwan. May you find peace and comfort from our loving and mercyful God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Christ.
    Don &amp; Diane Deuschle
    Pickerington Church of Christ
    Carroll, Ohio
    Don & Diane Deuschle
    January, 11 2011

    Though we feel the loss, let us turn this tragedy into a visible triumph, for the church! OUR BROTHER is not dead, just gone on home… as commanded of husbands in the Holy Scripture WE love “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;” (Eph 5:25) he has in this very act fulfilled the law of Love, and gave his life a sacrifice for his wife, the PERFECT LOVE of Christ. God bless the Worl-wide family-in-Christ, and especially his widow, our sister, may she have peace of heart knowing his great reward, that her husband safe in Heaven.
    January, 11 2011

    Prayers from your church family in High Ridge MO. We know Dorwan is in a better place. Praying Mavy will continue on in his name.
    Gale Loesch
    January, 11 2011

    My prayers are for the brother and sister, and the church family.From Rosana Seecharan, Gasparillo Church of Crist,Trinidad and Tobago.
    Gasparillo Church of christ.
    San Fernando, West Indies – Trinidad and Tobago
    January, 11 2011

    My prayers go out for all the victims of this tragedy.
    Jehann Jack
    Villa church of Christ
    Crosbies, St John’s – Antigua and Barbuda
    Jehann Jack
    January, 11 2011

    My thoughts and prayers each day is going out for the Stoddard family, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as well as for the shooter, Jared Loughner. May God watch over each and every one.
    Cathy Jackson
    Cambridge Church of Christ
    Cambridge, Ohio
    Cathy Jackson
    January, 11 2011

    The story of their lives is a beautiful one. Their service to the church and others is noble and the manner in which Dorwan died is an excellent example of what God requires of us husbands (Ephesians 5: 25). Thank God for their witness. May souls be converted as a result of this senseless shooting.
    Our prayers are with the saints at the Mountain Avenue church.
    Joel &amp; Janelle Jack
    Church of Christ, Kingstown
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Joel H. Jack
    January, 12 2011

    Prayers are going up for the Stoddard family, the Mt Ave congregation, the Tucson community and for Randy and Amy Loughlin. I am praying that the Christians in Tucson will reach out to this family and show them the love of Christ and the peace that comes from having a savior to lean on during difficult times. My heart aches for them. I cannot even imagine the loss and despair that they must be feeling.

    Christian love and sympathy to all who have been directly effected by this senseless act of violence and prayers that God will be glorified as healing begins.

    January, 12 2011

    For me, this whole event brings back memories of almost 16 years ago–April 19, 1995–here in Oklahoma City.
    Each individual touched directly by this tragedy must fight hard to eventually concentrate on the comfort that comes from a loving God, rather than the evil that caused this devastation. This is the way to prevent this, in the end, from even being a small victory for Satan.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all who are directly involved in this struggle–the Stoddard family, certainly, but also with (1)all Christians who are directly acquainted with them, and (2) all those who even have family and friends who will be holding the Stoddard family up during the coming months and years.
    Be comforted in the midst your mourning, and watch for ways that God can be glorified even in the aftermath of such horror.
    Romans 8: “For we were saved in this h-o-p-e…but hope that is s-e-e-n is not hope…for why would one still hope for what he sees?”
    This is not a time to merely kneel at the feet of the Father, but rather to envision climbing into His lap as a small child. He is big enough and powerful enough to hold all of us.
    Russ Sharp
    January, 12 2011

    Another unspeakable tragedy that brings so much heartache and sadness over such good people who lost their lives. We feel so weak and helpless in the face of such a horrible event. In addition to praying for all those killed and wounded, we also need to pray that our opinion makers, including preachers, will not be so timid in condemning the vitriolic and hate speech found in so many arenas that spur the stable and unstable to such unthinkable actions, such as Jim Adkisson who killed two people inside a Knoxville church.
    Harold Williams
    January, 12 2011

    From British Columbia, Canada
    Although we did not know this brother, it is very evident that Dorwans life was a huge testemony of Christs love to all who knew him, and who’s lives were touched by he and his precious wife. Now because of the media, his life is also a testemony to the whole world of that same Great Love. The only thing that can soften this earthly blow is that he was joyfully received by all the heavenly hosts into Glory. We offer our prayers for his family, his church family and for all those who are feeling the profound sense of his loss. We pray for healing for his wife and for the assurance that ‘…all will be well, and all will be well, and every kind of thing will be well.’ Our Heavenly Father will keep her close in her mourning and in her healing.
    Norm and Jen Weir
    and the Central Valley church of Christ
    Abbotsford, BC Canada
    Norm and Jen Weir
    January, 12 2011

    May the light of Gods’ love illuminate the darkness in your hearts during this time of grief and as the days continue. amen.
    robert brooks
    January, 12 2011

    The congregation at the Riverview church of Christ offer our sympathy to the all who lost loved ones last Saturday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all whose lives have been touched with this terrible act of violence.
    We also want to thank the Christian Chronicle for the Breaking News that I received on my computer concerning this horrible news.
    In HIS Service,
    Riverview church of Christ in Riverview, MI. jsy
    Riverview church of Christ
    January, 12 2011

    Brother Stoddard has graduated to glory and Mavy remains to tell of his love for her and his love for Jesus and His church.
    We know that God will comfort the Stoddard family—the paradox of being a child of God, we grieve and at the same time rejoice.
    We pray for the Stoddard family as well as for all who have been touched by this terrible crime.
    Elder, College church of Christ, Searcy, Arkansas
    Gordon Hogan
    January, 12 2011

    Prayers are being said in Athens, GA for the Stoddard family and those who were so deeply touched by this tragedy. May God grant you the strength you need to heal, and that you may find peace and joy in the days to come.
    Doris Carey
    January, 13 2011

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the surviving relatives and friends of all involved.???????????????????????????????????????????(II Corinthians 1:4)
    Jamali &amp; Jeana Jack
    Church of Christ
    Greater Taipei, Taiwan.
    Jamali & Jeana Jack
    January, 13 2011

    We heard of this incident on our FM radio here in Nigeria but not aware that our brother and siter in the Lord were involved. This world is so full of evil and I want everybody in the whole world to be prepared to meet His creator one day. That is live prepared lives because nobody knows when death will visit. Our hearts goes to the entire brotherhood and indeed all those left behind in the family of our brother in the Lord. And may God help our sister to recover speedily.
    Jacob Akerigba
    January, 13 2011

    Our hearts are broken to hear of the loss of life and the tragety afflicted upon the community of Tucson and the Lord’s church at the Mt. Avenue Church of Christ on January 8. Know that our prayers, resources and support are at your disposal.
    Wayne and Crystal DeWindt
    Salina, Kansas
    Wayne DeWindt
    January, 13 2011

    May the God of all comfort be with the Stoddard family and the the Mountain Avenue Church of Christ. You all are in our prayers. We love you all. from your family in the Britsh Virgin Islands.
    Neriah LeBlanc
    Churh of Christ at Duffs Bottom
    Road Town, British Virgin Islands – Tortola
    Neriah LeBlanc
    January, 13 2011

    Thanks for sharing their story with us. The Joplin’s tearful video was especially touching. It reminds us how God continues to work through and for the most humble among us. The last line of the video reminds us what true success is: living our lives for God and others and then going to heaven.
    Matt Vega
    January, 13 2011

    You are in our prayers and never forget thar God is good,
    even in times of tragedy and mishaps. Keep THE faith.
    Milton Sampson
    January, 14 2011

    We are greatly impressed by the Stoddards. They seem to be the embodiment of what we try to do daily–motivate &amp; mentor seniors to continue to serve others.
    Our hearts are with the Stoddards. God’s blessings on Mavy’s recovery.
    Stuart & Cecilia Jones
    January, 15 2011

    We pray for the families, we ask God’s comfort to them. Be blessed.
    William the Preacher of Church of Christ Kwadwesi Port Elizabeth.
    william Tengani @ P.E
    January, 16 2011

    The Jacksonville Beach Church Of Christ in Jacksonville Beach, FL send our condolences and prayers to the Stoddard family and our church family at MACC. Mr. Stoddard did what any good man should do…put his wife’s safety above his own. This is pure servitude and sacrifice in action. God bless…..
    Roy Williams
    January, 16 2011

    Our prayers are with you.
    Lin Turner
    January, 18 2011

    Thanks, Bobby for giving us a place to share our love with the Stoddard family and our brethren at MACC.
    Thank God for Dorwan and Mavy who have paid the ultimate price, Dorwan with his life and death, Mavy with her resilience and her service to others, to show us what love is.
    I look forward to meeting Dorwan in heaven. And I am sure many others look forward to that as well. There are still heroes of the faith, like Dorwan and Mavy, who are pouring out their love for God in service of others. May God help us all to be inspired to live a little better and serve a little more and lay down our lives as they have shown us to do.
    comfort the Stoddards and heal the pain that comes from such a loss. Comfort also their close family and friends and the entire MACC group where they have served so faithfully. Thank you for those who would show us, as Dorwan has, the love you call us to live. Even now we know You better because Jesus lived in Dorwan and lives still in Mavy, Your servant and our sister.
    And Father, I also ask you to work in the life of the young man who took Dorwan’s and the other 5 people’s lives and wounded so many others. Touch his hurts and his brokenness to heal him, Lord.
    Your will be done in all things beyond all we have asked or imagined,
    in Christ…amen.
    Glenn Ziegler
    January, 20 2011

    February, 2 2011

    This was indeed was a tragic and ungodly act, for one to take what he himself couldn’t give.
    Just reading this article today 8/30/11 due to a fellow sister of the Church Of Christ sending it to me from our congregation. The whole incident sadden me as people has to suffer at the hands of evilness. Today I have also been sadden to learn that a Brother in Christ was struck down as well.
    Our prayers will go up to GOD for the family of God and all others hurt and is dealing with this ordeal.
    Georgia Davis
    August, 30 2011

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