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Wisdom in Foolishness

By Chisara Umezurike
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Year: 2021

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Christian beliefs, principles, and values are regarded by some pundits as outdated and irrelevant to modern society.

Wisdom by the standard of modern world has, however, left us with more hard feelings, self-display, emperors/lords, anxiety, depression, conflicts, divorce, wayward children, alcohol/substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, violence, wars, negligence of the poor, and perversion.

The Christian principles such as fear of God, faith, prayer, trust in God, forgiveness, humility, service, liberality, penitence, peace, and contentment represent wisdom in foolishness. Commitment to the above principles will bring anyone closer to spirit irrespective of their religious inclination.

Imbibing and practicalising these principles may be the revolution we need to heal our world of the aforementioned maladies.