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When Jesus Speaks, Will You Listen?

By Ellen Shields

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Jesus wanted the world to listen to His life-changing message. He was the greatest storyteller who ever lived, yet many did not take Him seriously. Today we have His teachings, His stories, at our fingertips. Many read His word and believe, while others choose to ignore Him.

In her book, When Jesus Speaks, Will You Listen?, author Ellen Shields explores 12 lessons Jesus taught, calling His listeners to step out in faith. Her ability to bring out Biblical history, mixed with humor and encouragement is unique and refreshing. The stories of Jesus come alive as Ellen inspires her readers to apply the Word personally, without excuses, but rather with heart wrenching honesty, leaving no wiggle room for self-deception. Readers will take an honest look at their devotion, trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ll be faced with the decision to either listen to Jesus’ words and apply them– or to simply ignore Him.


About the Author:

Ellen Shields has a passion for studying and teaching the Word of God. As a speaker at women’s retreats and ladies’ days, as well as a ladies’ Bible class teacher, Ellen has been used by the Lord to impact the lives of many Christian women. Her love for teaching also extends to children. Ellen was instrumental in developing children’s curriculum for use on the mission field in Kenya where she lived for five years. She has been blessed with four children and four grandchildren. She and her husband, Richard, live in southern California where they have ministered with a local church for over 20 years.