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When God Speaks…Will You Hear?

By KeRusso

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Lost. Lonely. Desperate. Abused. Broken and shattered. Forgotten and overlooked. Sinful and ashamed. No one seeks such places in life, but all find them. Some find some of them. The truly unfortunate find all of them. Who reaches out to such people at such times in their lives? Who speaks to them to call them out of the darkness and lead them into the light? God does.

Every person has a story. It is the story of their lives that knows joy, as well as sorrow and pain, as well as celebration. No two stories are exactly alike, but they are all similar. What all life stories have in common is that God speaks in all of them. He calls out to all people to show them the way out of their pain and misery. They need only to listen and follow his voice.

Love. Hope. Self-worth. Healing. Acceptance and companionship. Being remembered and valued. Forgiven and pure. God has a way of rewriting life stories, anyone’s, even yours. Enter into the middle of a story that unfolds in unexpected places. Enter into story after story, and perhaps you will understand your own story and how God is speaking to you.


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