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The Truth About Divorce and Remarriage

By Weldon Langfield

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About the Author 


WELDON LANGFIELD, who preaches for churches of Christ, has exhaustively researched both the Bible and respected scholarship, and proves that the “traditional view” of divorce and remarriage is far from traditional in his book The Truth About Divorce and Remarriage: A Politically Incorrect View of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in Today’s Church. If you or someone you know is divorced, this book is for you. He has also written Will You Come Home?The Truth About Mormonism, and Joy Without Limits. Weldon Langfield, who has studied Greek at California Baptist University, holds a bachelor of science degree in business from Fresno State University and a master’s degree in religion from Pepperdine University.




Charles Hodge, author of the column “On the Banks of Onion Creek” in Gospel Advocate and a book by the same name, wrote, “This is the best book ever written on the issue…. You have closed all loopholes.”

James Woodroof, formerly the minister of the College Church of Christ in Searcy Arkansas, influenced the lives of many students. Jim wrote, “You have done a really good job of placing before the reader a wide, well-documented…mass of material.”

The book proves the recent view that spousal adultery is the only grounds for remarriage, and that for the “innocent” party, is false teaching. In fact, calling it “traditional” is false. While this view began to take hold in 1940 through the theorizing of an obscure and uneducated preacher, Martin Luther of the Protestant Reformation and Alexander Campbell of the American Restoration Movement did not agree. Don’t let misguided preachers or elders who have not studied the subject more than six hours, tell you to spend the rest of your life alone. If you, your friends, or members of your family are divorced, The Truth about Divorce and Remarriage is for you. Many lives have been changed. “No Stone Unturned” research, 159 pages.