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True Frenemies (boardgame)

By Derek and Lucy White

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Need a novel gift idea for Christmas not available in stores? Well, we might have the perfect solution for you!

True Frenemies is a family and party game about good friends, bad friends, and very bad friends. In “True Frenemies” you will need to bring not only yourself, but also another player, whom we will call your Secret Friend, to the Tree of Life.

The catch? You will know your own Secret Friend, but you will have no idea who has you as a Secret Friend. Get ready to enter a mixed-up world where your friends may suddenly turn on you and your worst enemy saves the day. Success in this game requires deception, cooperation, as well as acts of assistance alongside betrayal.

Play on a digitally produced 20” x 30” game board that by itself is a work of art. Includes 120 Bible Says cards, 80 Face the Music cards, 40 Say a Little Prayer cards, 40 SinTakes cards, and 100 Submission tokens. Everything beautifully rendered! Check us out, and let others know about our game! Ages 8+