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Tools for Ministry

By Lindsay Garmon

NOTE: As of February 25, 2019, this item has been marked as expired, and will no longer be displayed on the book listing page.

As we begin a new year, are you feeling the need to be more involved in the work of evangelism? Every day, we are interacting with friends and loved ones who do not know Jesus. We must pray. We must prepare. It’s time to do something! Let’s take action!

Are there people in your life with whom you would like to share the “Good News of Jesus,” but you are not sure how to go about it?

Would it help if you had a user-friendly tool that would guide you through a presentation of what God has done through Jesus to show His love for sinners?

Dr. Lindsey Garmon has created an evangelistic tool called, “The Seeker Bible Study Guide.” The exercises in these lessons help to generate constructive conversation in six key areas–Bible, Jesus, Sin, Cross, Faith, and Church. The exercises are designed for interactive use within small groups where each participant has a worksheet, a Bible, a pen, and a desire to learn. The lessons fit perfectly as you sit at a kitchen table or in a small group Bible study. This simple tool blended with your caring voice could provide the avenue for God to call one or more of your loved ones to salvation through the Gospel. Now is the time!

Sample kits of “The Seeker Bible Study Guide” are available at no cost. Each sample kit includes a single copy of the six lessons, an answer sheet for each lesson, and a detailed user-guide that will provide ideas for presenting the lessons effectively. You are invited to request your sample kit and examine the materials for yourself.

Here’s an idea. Share these lessons with someone who is already saved as a way of preparing yourself to present the lessons to someone who is not saved. Church leaders, encourage the use of this evangelistic tool! Let’s equip our people for works of ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-12)

To order a sample kit of “The Seeker Bible Study Guide” or to ask questions, please send an email to: [email protected], or call 361-643-3085.