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The Burning Fire Within My Soul

By Ernest Leon Burse

This book reveals what God wants the whole world to know during these perilous times.  It reveals the wisdom of God, the experiences of my life, and the hope for a better world.  So many are dying and being killed daily.  There is so much inequality, inhumanity, lawlessness, and immorality today. My heart aches for all the unborn babies that are still being killed since 1973. God does not want us to remain silent.  So I am speaking out on  faith, abortion, gun violence, voting, homosexuality, segregation, incompetent leaders, prejudice, intolerance, love, salvation, and more.  We must not be afraid to speak out  (Matthew 10:27-31).

Remember, that you can order the paperback book from Ernest Leon Burse; P.O. Box 454; Ruston, LA 71273 for $20.00, or the E-book from Amazon-Kindle for $5.99.