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The Book of Exodus: Explorations in Christian Theology

By Ed Gallagher

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In this scholarly yet accessible book, Ed Gallagher helps the church understand the importance of the book of Exodus for Christian theology. Gallagher’s casual and clear writing style guides readers through thoughtful explorations of such topics as the revelation of God’s name to Moses, the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart, the gift of manna, Israel’s reception of the Torah, and the ark of the covenant. Each of the thirteen chapters begins with a passage in Exodus that features prominently in the New Testament and traces the reception of that passage in ancient Judaism and in Christianity. Frequent interaction with Philo, Josephus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, patristic literature, and later Christian authors such as John Calvin give depth to these chapters not often found in material designed for Bible classes and individual study. As Gallagher says in the preface, “The book of Exodus is foundational for Christian theology.” His helpful book amply demonstrates that claim in a way that all Christians can appreciate.

“Ed Gallagher traces important theological themes from the book of Exodus to reveal how they relate prominently to teachings developed by New Testament writers. These well-known but difficult themes are often misunderstood by many in our Restoration heritage. Gallagher provides clarity and fresh insight into their meaning and reflects on their implications for Christians today. This is a delightful and informative read. The church needs more of these kinds of resources written by scholars like Gallagher.”

–Dave Bland, Harding School of Theology