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Teach It to Your Children

By Anthony H (Tony) Kite
Publisher: Westbow Press
Year: 2023
Price: $16.95

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A new songbook designed to instill the word of God in the lives of our children.
– 185 songs, mostly original, for toddlers to elementary students to learn of God’s character, His word by reference and quote, and songs of Christian application.
– Hymnal music format using shaped notes without chords or tablature marks.
– For use in the Bible classroom, home-school curriculum, and day-to-day sharing with your kids, leading them to know more about God and how he wants them to grow as his children.
– Sectioned initially by age, then Christian Love and Actions, Bible knowledge, and other spiritual songs.

I am 69-years old and have had the opportunity to serve in church music ministries much of my life. Besides my mother’s example, over the years individual men and teams of teachers at the Haskell (TX) Singing School and the Texas Normal Singing School (TNSS) were strong influences. I have been a Music Theory and Songwriting instructor with TNSS since 1998. My prayer is that our children’s lives will be touched at an early age by these teachings so that they will become God’s people, influenced positively by Christian peers and society rather than the world.

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