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Sin Put Me In This Chair

By Mary Jane Miranda

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Henry’s story is surreal but absolutely true.  His family escaped from Cuba when he was five.  He grew up in Miami.  He joined a gang and got into drugs when he was a teenager.  He became a bodyguard, then joined the “organization” selling drugs by the time he was 18.  When he decided to quit, they shot him 5 times.  Confined to a wheelchair and after a long recovery, he became a witch doctor.  Searching for answers as to why he was still alive, he was finally introduced to God’s grace and forgiveness.
In Henry’s store we get a sense of God’s nature.  We see God’s protection of Henry as he gets himself into difficult situations.  We see God’s patience as Henry turned to the wrong people for help.  And we see God’s foreknowledge guiding Henry’s life knowing that he would become the man he is today  Henry’s story is one of grace, forgiveness and redemption..
This book has many scriptures with basic gospel teachings.  There is a chapter called “Lessons I have learned”.  There is also a chapter with simple scriptural teaching on how to study the Bible and the last chapter has scriptures describing the Church that Jesus established.