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Securing the Faithful: Preventing and Addressing Crime in Places of Worship

By Rick Arrington, CPS, NCPS II

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“Securing the Faithful” addresses a distressing reality in our culture today – violent attacks against those in places of worship. Rick Arrington is an elder in his congregation in Virginia. He also has over 30 years of professional law enforcement experience and is a nationally certified specialist in crime prevention and security assessment. He has worked with numerous churches, non-profits, schools and agencies to help them better prepare against crime and violence. Mr. Arrington regularly conducts workshops and provides professional consultation services for organizations.

His book provides a concise, well-organized and comprehensive introduction to help church leaders protect their members and property. Some of the topics covered include: understanding the motivations of attackers, defusing dangerous situations, and recognizing potential threats. He provides explanations and examples of organizational security policies, security teams, training, checklists of do’s and don’ts, building changes and event protection.

He explains the importance of good interaction with law enforcement and the news media. Pre-planning for emergency medical services also needs to be in place.

Arrington gives insight on dealing with trespassers, con artists, weapons, property vandalism, theft, and also community benevolence. In his appendix he lists laws in various states relevant to religious institutions.

“Securing the Faithful” is a great first step for helping every congregation be prepared for possible terrible events.


Reviewer: Richard Cravy, Technology Specialist and Faculty Member at Sunset International Bible Institute