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Revealing the Christian Age: A Synthesis of the Prophets and Revelation

By Neal Fain

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A systematic overview of Revelation, treating Revelation and the rest of Scripture as a coherent whole. It presents Bible prophecy as an overview of time and history, and shows how these things relate to our modern world.

As a young man Mr. Fain took a rationalistic view of prophecy, and only slowly realized its importance to the entire Christian age, as something needed for both conduct and preparedness.

This book discusses how the visions should be taken, and why the prophets of old are still relevant. Fain views us as right in rejecting premillennialism, but wrong in stopping our study.

The book presents solid evidence that:

  1. Not all Bible prophecy has been fulfilled.
  2. That Rome and the Caesars are at best types and shadows of things yet to come. Ancient Rome and the Caesars only fit Revelation to a point. That “only to a point” condition is one of the common Biblical signs of a type or shadow in Scripture. The rest comes with the ultimate fulfillment.

Mystery Babylon, and the Mystery of Lawlessness are viewed as age long entities, reaching their fullness only very near the end. Thus, the relevance of Revelation to the entire Christian Age!

These are the tools you need for a second look at Revelation.

“Panoramic, coherent, instructive.” Dennis Conner, Raleigh, NC.

“Fain makes the case for systemic integrated reading of Scripture … a book well worth reading and discussing with fellow believers.” Dr. Bill Bagents, Heritage Christian University.

“Substantial and enlightening.” Larry Murdock, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

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Free supplementary material is available at http://AngleofEntry.com/.