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Our Search for God

By Chloe Carter and Tina Crouch

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Useful in:

  • Jail Ministry
  • Rehab & Parole centers
  • New Christian classes
  • Small group studies
  • Youth groups
  • Correspondence courses
  • Personal Bible study

Our Search for God is a ministry providing resources for teachers and beginning students of the Word of God.

You can download Our Search for God student and teacher editions free on our website!

In 1994, we were asked to teach at a drug rehabilitation center for young mothers and found that there were very little available resources and so decided to write what became Our Search for God.

We found that many of our students had very little Bible knowledge, spurring us to write at a basic level and include many well-loved Bible histories among the lessons. There are 41 lessons included, each with a scripture text as well as practical application.

After much success in teaching our new curriculum at the drug rehab, a change in location and God’s urging caused us to shift our focus to the county jail. We currently have teachers equipped for all eight women’s pods in our county jail and classes are going very well.

Since then, we have found a use for Our Search for God in our local VOA program and other transitional programs. Our Search for God is now used all across the nation and is currently being translated into other languages. Countless people have come to know the love of God through this study of His word.

Blessings on your service to the Master.

Tina Crouch and Chloe Carter