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New Bible Workbook Series

By Madison Laird

New Bible Workbook Series

A complete workbook series, including outlines and questions covering the entire Bible, will be available soon.  Coming from lessons taught over several years, these workbooks are theologically sound and include references to a broad range of key Bible topics like the importance of baptism by immersion, the centrality of communion in worship, and even the key role that acapella singing plays.   These workbooks will be published by a division of Zondervan.™

There are three workbooks in the series, covering the New Testament and the Old Testament in two volumes.  Each workbook contains about fifty lessons in about 200 pages.  The lessons cover the Bible passage by passage and often study key passages together in chronological arrangement.  The lessons also frequently cite other relevant Bible passages in order to help make key points.

Each lesson is structured into a set of bullets which cover the Bible passage by passage, followed by a set of ten to twenty questions.  Each bullet is followed by the reference to the Bible passage covered by that bullet.   Each question is answered within the bullets themselves.

The material is advanced and appropriate for adults, college students, and even mature high school audiences.  The lesson material is geared toward in-depth Bible study and is intended for the serious student of God’s word.

In crediting those responsible for his spiritual development, the author notes several Churches of Christ around the world and several leaders in our Church of Christ educational institutions.  He also acknowledges two of our leading songbook editors and even an annual acapella singing event held in Diana, Tenn.

These workbooks will be released early this summer.  Questions and requests for samples can be directed to the author at: [email protected]