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Missions Made Real

By Kevin Carson

This book is written to help Christians understand what it is like to live and serve in the mission field. It will be useful for: Christians considering short-term or long-term mission work, elderships and mission committees who currently support or are considering supporting a missionary, and any Christian who wants to be an encouragement to missionaries.

The book has an easy to read style that feels like you are having a conversation with the author. Kevin uses humour, candid honesty, and real-life examples from his own life and the lives of other missionaries to illustrate and bring to life the challenges and blessings of mission work.

Chapters include: motivation for missions, considering your family, where to go and what to do, fundraising, preparing to leave home, arriving and settling in, working with short-term volunteers, reports and furloughs, when to return home.

Three missionaries with a combined total of +90 years in missions have endorsed the book. “This book would have been invaluable to me had I read it before returning to Ireland in 1970.” Tony Coffey. “This is what I would say to any person — or family – contemplating mission work: You must read this book. May the Lord use this book to inspire others with a missionary heart to go into the field with joy!” Herman Alexander. “Devour Kevin’s material to determine your motives, pick your field, start your preparation check list, figure out your budget and check your pulse for a long term commitment. I wish I had read this book before I graduated from Bible school.” Ken Fox.

Additional resources at: missionsmadereal.net.