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Luke Alive Volumes 1 & 2

By Robert Blair

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Do you feel as though God favors you?

That He is on your side?

That He is always with you?

Robert Blair addresses these and other vital questions in Volumes 1 & 2 of his new series: Luke Alive.

He deals with issues that cut straight to the heart. Blair does not stop short at dismissing our fears with a casual overview of grace. He speaks to our natural drive to earn favor, to work toward something we can never fully attain ourselves. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus shows us what we can “earn” with our actions, and what we can’t.

Luke Alive guides us through our deepest of Christian fears and desires and offers satisfying answers that are firmly based in Scripture. These are must-have volumes for followers of Jesus who seek plain language answers to their direct questions, whether from the pulpit or the living room couch.      


 Sermon titles include:

Does Sunday equal the Sabbath?

Are you a relative of Jesus?

Dealing with holiday worries.

Does Jesus’ old wisdom still work?

Are all things still possible with God?

 Can you be so bad Jesus won’t accept you?

Who has the best chance of heaven?


About the Author:

Bob “retired” from fulltime ministry in August 1991, after preaching for the Hollywood, California, Church of Christ 28 years. He served on the Wilshire YMCA board of managers and was a member of the Hollywood High School Advisory Council. Bob led a popular Bible class for business and professional people in the Hollywood area and has conducted hundreds of funerals and weddings throughout the country.

Norma (a 1955 graduate of Tigard, Oregon High), his wife of sixty-three plus years, and Bob live southwest of Cleghorn, Iowa. Their acreage is near the most remote place in the state—and also the coldest. Their four children and their spouses produced five grandchildren. Bob does fill-in preaching every Sunday. He’s an unrepentant train buff. Bob and Norma enjoy taking walks together near their rural home accompanied by their frisky farm Lab, Josie. Their corpulent cat Nefferkiti usually tags far behind.

Because their greatest interest is serving God’s kingdom, Norma and Bob host weekly Bible studies in their home. Every Tuesday people of many backgrounds gather in their living and dining rooms. Bob’s articles have appeared in Leadership, 21st Century Christian, and Power for Today.

 After graduating from Milwaukie, Oregon Union High School, Bob began college at Portland (Oregon) State. He spent his sophomore year at Central Christian College (now Oklahoma Christian University), where he received the Hugo McCord Bible Award for being the outstanding ministerial student. He received a B.A. in English and Religion from George Pepperdine College and an M.A. in Religion from Pepperdine. You may write to him at PO Box 176, Cleghorn, IA, 51014. He is sentimentally stuck in the mid-20th century and hates to do Email.