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Leviticus Alive! Your God May Be Too Small

By KeRusso

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How do you live in the presence of the holy God? Give Leviticus another chance. Read it with fresh eyes and gain a refreshing view of God. The third book of the Bible does not have to bore you and kill your desire to read through the Bible. Take a journey of discovery and learn more about your call into holiness than you have likely understood.

Leviticus is not just a book for scholars who know the Hebrew sacrificial system and the smallest details of the Law of Moses. It is a book for all people that is relevant for all. It is a book that can come alive for you, for study groups, for Bible classes and for whole congregations. It is a book that speaks just as relevantly to the person who grew up in God’s church as well as to the person who never even thought about being in the church.

Under the pen name of Kerusso, the author, Bobby Lawson, shares the insights he gained from his journey into the book of Leviticus. What started as a personal journey, became a Bible class that stretched out into 5 months. Imagine a Bible class on Leviticus that held interest that long and could have gone longer. Eventually, the journey led to this book.

Take your own journey into Leviticus. Take it alone or take it with others. You may find yourself fascinated with arrowheads. Blue may become your favorite color. Holiness may frequently enter your conversations. God may become bigger in your eyes. Leviticus may become one of your favorite books of the Bible. Discovery awaits you.

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