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Let Us Come Before His Presence

By Yann Opsitch
Publisher: Keledei Publications (Sulis International Press)
Year: 2021
Price: $27.99

This book helps readers develop the discipline of coming each day before the Lord in a quiet place for the renewal of their faith, hope, and love through the Lord Jesus. Drawing its title from Psalm 95.2 (“Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving”), it contains readings for 365 days of the year, divided into 52 sections (weeks). Each day’s reading includes a scripture from the Psalms or the Sermon on the Mount, focus on a specific topic, a discussion of its meaning, and a prayer. The topics addressed include: “Trusting God”, “Nations”, “Parents”, “Babies and children”, “Heaven”, “Angels”, and more.

Baptized in Geneva Switzerland in June of 1970, Yann Opsitch from France has been a preacher, evangelist and writer for over 50 years. He has published a number of books in French. Yann was a former Missions Coordinator for Europe at Abilene Christian. He also taught French. With his wife Rita also a missionary for many years he ministers to the Jim Ned Valley Church of Christ in Tuscola. He is also presently the Director of the online Bible training program “L’Ecole du Maitre” (School of the Master) to help train leaders in the French speaking world.