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Journey to Joy (Patti’s Story)

By Patti Mattox Bryant

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This unique workbook is written for women who are struggling with the question: Why did God appoint the husband head and tell his wife to submit? Patti searched for years before finding her answer in the joyful relationships within the Trinity. She never thought of submission the same again. Thirteen lessons for individual or group study.

About the Author:

Patti Mattox Bryant, at the age of nine, was immersed in the spiritually rich culture of the Harding College community in Searcy, Arkansas, where her father was a Bible professor. At the age of nineteen she graduated from that college, and married Rees Bryant, a fledgling gospel preacher.

Their first summer was spent near the oil fields of Oklahoma where Rees preached for a small church. Patti struggled to learn her new supportive role. It was there that she first felt the impact of Ephesians 5:22-24. She wondered why God had so ordered the marital roles. She secretly fought a root of bitterness in her heart. She was angry that God had made her a woman.

In the sixties, as the women’s lib movement swept across America sucking women into a self-pity whirlpool, Patti clung tightly to her Bible. More than anything else, she wanted to please God. She thought there must be a reason for God’s plan, but what was it?

Later she came across this idea: Being made in the image of God means that we were meant to mirror the relationships within the Trinity. Was this true? She wanted to find out.

In 1997, motivated by her desire to research the topic, Patti completed a graduate degree in Theology/Philosophy at Lincoln Christian Seminary in Lincoln, Illinois. Patti’s study produced a thesis entitled The Trinity as a Model for Christian Marriage, on which Journey to Joy is based.

Through the years, Patti’s roles have varied. She has been an elementary teacher in both public and Christian schools in Arkansas and Texas, and has taught English and Bible in secondary schools in Nigeria, where she and Rees served as missionaries. She has taught in the Lubbock State School for the Mentally Retarded, and also at Florida Christian College. Patti has taught ladies’ Bible classes and spoken at conferences, both in Nigeria and America. However, Patti considers her roles as wife and mother to be her most significant.

Patti and Rees went to Nigeria as missionaries in 1958. Their active involvement in missions spanned the next twenty-six years, including four tours of service in Nigeria and the establishment of a medical missions support organization in America—the African Christian Hospitals Foundation, renamed International Health Care Foundation. Patti served as secretary for that organization for a number of years.

In 2012 Patti published Divine Choreography, a 328-page story of their mission work in Nigeria and the establishment of the Nigerian Christian Hospital.

Patti and Rees have four children—Sara Jo Dusterhoft, William Rees Bryant, David Mattox Bryant, and Rebecca Layne Howard. They are very thankful for their four children, their children’s spouses, their ten grandchildren, and their nine great-grandchildren.

Patti and Rees celebrated their sixty-sixth wedding anniversary on June 5, 2018, and currently enjoy retirement in Florida.

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