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Journey into a Joy-Filled Life

By Clark Tatum

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This book takes you on an encouraging journey through the Letter of Paul to the Philippians. It is refreshing to learn how you can live a joy-filled life, no matter what happens. The material highlights that a positive attitude is possible, even during trials, by reflecting on heaven and what really matters. The book is full of ideas, stories, and illustrations helping a person make application from what the apostle records from his own journey with Jesus. It is both an uplifting and challenging book for wherever a person may be in their journey with Jesus.

Tatum says, “If you will continue your journey with Jesus, or begin the journey, or take the journey afresh, the journey will ultimately take you to the place of a joy-filled heart.” The thirteen-chapter book has a discussion question page at the end of each chapter that would be helpful in teaching any class or small group. The questions are designed to promote thought and discussion in an effort to help teach, train, and transform lives to the glory of God. The thoughts and concepts have evolved from Tatum’s years of studying and preaching through Philippians.

Truitt Adair, President of Sunset International Bible Institute writes, “Most people would love to have more joy in their lives but many don’t know how to find it. Clark Tatum’s book can help any thoughtful reader to begin or enhance their journey to a more joyful life through an exploration of the Biblical principles in Philippians. I recommend the book and the author.”