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Paul is Misunderstood and Our Bibles Mistranslated: The Ancient Solution

By Andrew D. Parker

During the course of reading, studying and researching the Greek NT scriptures for three decades, the author of this book discovered that NT in the Greek is teaching for Jesus’ followers to be on the journey of living out the faith that Jesus Himself taught, lived out and exemplified. It is believed that this understanding became lost in the fourth century when Gentile theologians concluded that since Christ was God, He could not have faith in God. This understanding of faith was later buried by the Protestant Reformers when Martin Luther determined that salvation faith meant belief only. For after this, translations started translating the NT scriptures within the framework of Reformation “only believe” theology. Scholarship has been concluding that the earliest understanding of Christian faith was the faith that Jesus taught and exemplified. This book shows how this is not only possible, but how Paul and the Greek NT was actually teaching that salvation is through the faith of Jesus, not through works. The only thing, the Reformers also did not understand that Paul was pushing an obedient faith perspective (obedience inside of faith) using faith as the vehicle for the works Jesus was commanding and requiring. Paul was also using “faith” in referring to the New Covenant system in contrast with the Old Covenant system of law and works (Gal. 2:16) that required the keeping of the Law of Moses.

Author’s biography: Andrew Parker was a successful computer programmer analyst who turned his talent toward diligently searching through the scriptures in their original languages. He holds a master’s degree in Bible and a Master of Divinity Equivalency from Abilene Christian University. He was at the top of his classes in graduate level Greek and Hebrew. He studied Greek and Greek New Testament under Dr. Carroll D. Osburn, a note-worthy New Testament textual critic. After completing his master’s degree at ACU, Andrew spent several decades (much of it full-time) reading, studying and researching the scriptures in their original languages, though his primary focus has been on the New Testament. He has translated much of the New Testament and written much about his findings.