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Hope of Glory: Filling Yourself with the Promises of God

By Scott White

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Scott White, a Christian for over 50 years and minister at Central Oconee Church of Christ in Bishop, Georgia, announces the release of, “Hope of Glory: Filling Yourself with the Promises of God.”

Scott has, as everyone else, gone through some rough patches in his life that have tested his faith, but he has managed to hang on during those trying times through the hope he has in the Father’s promises. He has also seen people in the depths of despair and poverty who were still able to sing the song of hope. This same song of hope is the message he would like to pass on to others. In his book, Scott mixes scripture, parables, poems, and those personal experiences into a message of hope for everyone, using Paul’s reminder in I Corinthians that “Faith, hope, and love abide.”

Written in a very relaxed, down-to-earth style, “Hope of Glory” encourages readers to fill their lives with faith, their days with love, and their hearts with hope; to fill themselves with the promises of God.

“We all doubt sometimes,” White says, “but ultimately, we can depend on the promises of God and look forward, with hope, to being with Him.”