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Growing Up White In the Heart of Memphis

By David May

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The story of one young man who grew up with Jim Crow laws and during the Civil Rights Movement, grieving over the mistreatment, cheering for the progress of the movement and loving its music, but taking no significant action to help. The book concludes with a suggestion of what you can do today to help resolve the resurgent race issues in our country.


David May is a former Marine Captain having served as a Platoon Leader in Viet Nam. He has served as an elder in churches in Florida and Minnesota. He and his wife, Charlene, have done missionary work in Haiti and Italy and with Hmong immigrants in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He was the Child Welfare Administrator for the State of Florida and the Social Service Director for Ramsey County (Saint Paul), Minnesota. He is the author of five books, all aimed at spurring the church on to love and good works.

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