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God’s Woman Revisited: Women and the Church

By Gary T. Burke

This book challenges the serious Bible student to reopen the topic of what women may do in worship assemblies and beyond. It provides a fresh examination of relevant biblical passages without the baggage of centuries of unquestioned interpretations or the contamination of reading our world into that of the Bible. On the principle that a correct understanding of the original writer’s words in context is the underpinning of contemporary application, the book seeks to assist the modern reader with this current application by providing conclusions about the early church’s practice arrived at through careful examination of the biblical text.

The first three chapters lay the foundation for the study, especially in proposing a healthier methodology for Bible study than has been common in many treatments of this topic. It then examines the Genesis creation narrative, both in its own right and as interpreted in the New Testament. Finally, because the Christian faith begins with Jesus, not Paul, the book treats Jesus and women in two chapters before concluding with four on Paul.

The author believes that under the influence of longstanding traditional interpretations, poor interpretive methods have misconstrued relevant biblical passages, with the unfortunate result of placing unwarranted restrictions on women in the modern church.

This puts the church unnecessarily at odds with its culture, alienates its young people, squelches the enormous spiritual energy of its women, and has become an obstacle to the reception of the Gospel.