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Getting Acquainted With the Bible: Its Makeup, Purpose, and Story

By David Anguish

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Beginning Bible students can feel like they have been given the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but not the picture on the box that shows how the finished puzzle should look. They open the Bible to find a collection of different writings and styles that talk about distant and unfamiliar people, places, and customs. Sometimes the writings seem repetitive; at other times they seem to jump randomly from one idea to another.

It is easier to understand the Bible if we already have an idea about its purpose, how its parts fit together, and the plot its story develops. Getting Acquainted with the Bible is a primer that starts with the most basic information about the Bible and its story and introduces its big picture, purpose, and parts. Its author believes students will more fully appreciate and learn from the details of its teaching if they see the complete picture that gives those details their meaning.

In addition to personal reading, this 152-page book can be used:

  • by teachers of Introduction to the Bible courses in Christian schools or in church youth and adult classes (questions for review and discussion are included at the end of each chapter).
  • in church newcomer classes or to give as a personal resource for beginning Bible students.
  • in prison ministries and other settings where basic Bible knowledge may be minimal.

About the Author:

David Anguish has served in various ministry roles with Churches of Christ in Georgia and Tennessee, and for twelve years was a teacher in the Department of Bible at Greater Atlanta Christian School. He holds degrees in Bible from Freed-Hardeman and Lipscomb Universities.

He and his late wife, Carlynn, were married for just under forty years. Their family includes two sons, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.

He maintains a website featuring study outlines, articles, and additional resources at www.davidanguish.com