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Face in the Book

By Harry C. Washington III
Publisher: Covenant Books
Year: 2023
Price: $18.95

NOTE: As of August 20, 2023, this item has been marked as expired, and will no longer be displayed on the book listing page.

Have you been wanting to study the Old Testament but feel too overwhelmed? Are there concepts you struggle to put into historical context? Do you wish there was a resource you could consult to ensure you grasped the meaning and relevance of how the Old Testament impacts your life today? Then Face in the Book is the perfect resource. In addition, it is a non-threatening book you can give to your neighbors, co-workers, and family members who are not members of the Lord’s church. Face in the Book follows the genealogy of Jesus, beginning in Genesis, and leads the readers through God’s plan of salvation. Who doesn’t want a better understanding of the Old Testament? It can be used for individual, family, or group Bible studies.