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Expected Hope

By Steve Crutchfield
Publisher: Cadmus Publishing
Year: 2021
Price: 5.99

The inspirational true story of a man who rejected the call of God on his life. A modern-day story of Jonah the prophet. Steve ran from his calling from God to begin a prison ministry because he hated criminals, convicts, felons and inmates. Now, he pens his story of redemption from his prison cell, spending two decades in one of the most severe correctional facilities in the United States, Menard Correctional Center, located in Southern Illinois.

There are many incarcerated men and women around the world who have committed crimes and are struggling for a modicum of redemption. Deep in the heart of many of these incarcerated men and women are the scattered traces of hope and humanity, seeds of restoration, rehabilitation, and redemption that comes to life with a very simple commitment: a commitment to transform self as well as a commitment to others.

This is a story about some basic humbling truths – each one of us are more than the worst thing we have ever done. Incarceration does not have to be the scarlet letter of your life and neither do you have to be content to accept that your incarceration would stand as the ultimate experience of your life. Everyone has redemptive value.


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