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Erased: God’s Complete Forgiveness of Sins

By Gary L. Holmes

The author explores the one choice we all make between God and Not God and how that affects our concept of heaven and hell. Then there is a careful explanation of how God’s rules and principles apply to us. The question of whether those laws are necessary and eternal is raised. The answer might be surprising. Our common view that sin is simply the breaking of a rule is challenged as the author examines a broader definition of sin that is based in our choices. Do Christians remain sinners forever?
Do we all sin daily even after we have been baptized? The author shows how we have made assumptions about sin that are not always Biblical. We may not all struggle with sin as much as we struggle with continued guilt. God’s forgiveness is complete because all sins are forgiven and they are forgiven for our entire lives! Forgiveness covers awful sins, addictions, and even incorrect beliefs. We do not daily fall in and out of relationship with God. The author then discusses cheap grace, free rides, and forgiveness of self. Finally, the book answers the question: “What is in it for me”? This book moves beyond the expected cliques found in traditional inspiration literature and dares to challenge your old ideas about what God can do for you. You need to read this book because:

  •  You need to stop saying you are a sinner.
  •  Following God’s rules doesn’t always work.
  •  Hell is only for those who choose to go.
  •  God will forgive sins you have not yet committed.
  •  One sin does not always make you a sinner.

Discussion questions included for class or study groups.

Gary L. Holmes has always been interested in Christian theology. His formal training came at Oklahoma Christian with a BA degree in Bible and at Harding School of Theology with a Masters of Theology degree. After serving as a missionary in Brazil, Holmes had a successful career as a CPA and business broker. He has written for journals and spoken for professional groups across the United States.

Holmes lives in Texas where he is active in the Mansfield Church of Christ. He spends his time writing, enjoying five grandsons, collecting Roman coins, and occasionally whale watching.