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Dwelling in the Word: A Devotional Guide for Reading and Understanding the New Testament

By Bob Young

Influenced by his approach to Bible study, this book is Bob Young’s answer to the question, “What would I want in a devotional guide?” He offers three plans for reading the New Testament in one year. (1) Follow the suggested reading order. In doing so, the reader will follow the general chronology of the New Testament while alternating between different sections and literary types of the New Testament. (2) Read the New Testament books in order. Those who read from Matthew to Revelation will also finish the New Testament in one year. (3) Use a different order or read randomly. A reading guide (included) tracks progress as one checks off the chapters read. The flexibility of “Dwelling in the Word” allows one to begin at any time during the year and track progress.

“Dr. Bob Young, an accomplished biblical scholar, reveals in this book another aspect of his versatile life and ministry: he is a deeply spiritual man. For almost a decade, he has been developing a daily devotional on each of the 260 chapters in the New Testament. Arranged in quasi-chronological order, each devotional provides a brief introduction of the chapter, a focused textual thought, discussion questions, an application to life, and a prayer. The author has based the key text from each chapter on his own translation from the Greek. Noted for excellence in his work, these devotionals measure up to the author’s high standards.” -Howard W. Norton