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Do You Believe In God?

By Dr. Russ Jurek
Publisher: Xulon Press
Year: 2021
Price: $13.49

Author: Dr. Russ Jurek

Title: Do You Believe In God?

Publisher: ‎ Xulon Press (September 22, 2021)

Publication date: ‎ September 22, 2021

Price: $13.49

Print length: ‎ 108 pages

Paperback & e-Book

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Do You Believe In God?” is about believing the promises of God. It focuses on the huge difference between Believing in God and Believing God. The problem is, most people who believe in God, don’t believe God. Even those who say, “I have a relationship with God.” “I’m a Christian.” don’t really believe God. If they truly believed God, their behavior would reflect that belief.  I’m challenging readers to stop just believing in God and start believing God.