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Change Your Mind Toward God

By Jerry O. Loutzenhiser

Change Your Mind Toward God is the product of years of research and questioning of those who teach as their doctrine “repent of sin.” Since there is no such phrase translated in the New Testament Scriptures, why is this taught as part of the gospel of Christ?

A nationwide survey was made striving to get answers to this doctrine of “repent of sin.” This survey is summarized in the book.

Also, a history of the use of words to indicate a translation of the original Greek is carefully laid out. Why are there dogmas formulated to include a misuse of the Greek word God used?

An analysis is made of all the gospel sermons in the book of Acts looking for the possibility of a proper use by the translators of God’s Greek word. And much more!

The author gives a little background of himself and why this project seemed so eternally important. Also, the concluding chapters indicate what he has learned from conducting, for over 40 years, citywide evangelistic efforts in this country, as well as throughout the world.

Cost is $10.75 + SH + (Tax, Kansas).

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