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By Elaine Coleman, Ph.D.

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The road of life is wrought with speed bumps, potholes, and, for some, a bridge collapse. It is in these challenging times we make choices that shape and define who we are. Some people unravel and are overtaken by their sadness, while others manage to heal and recover, becoming stronger than they ever were before. How can we choose a path of healing and not be swept away by despair? Satan is ready to capitalize on our dark moments, but God tells us to take our thoughts captive. How do we discipline our thinking?

God instructs us to think about things that are right, true, lovely, noble, pure, and praiseworthy. When we focus our minds on God’s love and His numerous blessings, the brightness of God’s greatness chases away the dark clouds like a beautiful sunrise. He is the great Healer, Jehovah Rophe.

This Bible study is written as a workbook and includes 13 lessons, all of which center around the priceless value of our relationship with God. God provides something constant and reliable when the unexpected potholes happen in life. Our relationship with God is the anchor by which we can hope for a better tomorrow. This scripture-packed Bible study is full of all the joys that we have in Him. It is through embracing these joys we find our strength for life’s heartaches.


About the Author:

Elaine is a Christian, a wife, a mother, and a Biology Professor. She enjoys teaching about God’s amazing creation, but she is passionate about encouraging others of all ages to continue to add to their knowledge of our Lord and Savior. She teaches ladies and children’s bible classes and works with the children’s ministry at church.