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Blinded by the Bible: Rethinking Our Relationship with Scripture

By Kevin Pendergrass
Publisher: Independently Published
Year: 2022
Price: $12.99

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Many of us were given an oversimplified way of how we should view the Bible. This is reflected in the popular saying, “The Bible says it—that settles it.” However, this understanding of the Bible has led to complete chaos, confusion, and division, as there are tens of thousands of denominations worldwide and dozens of fragmented groups even in the Churches of Christ.

It can be disorienting when one discovers that this naive approach to the Bible often does not match the complexities found in scripture nor does it account for much of the observable and experiential realities in the world around us. There is much more to properly interpreting and applying the Bible than merely a straightforward reading of the text. In Blinded by the Bible, you will join Kevin Pendergrass as he tackles these issues and explores many related questions such as:

  • Why have sincere and studious Christians throughout the ages interpreted the Bible so differently from one another?
  • What impact do past and present cultures and civilizations have on how we understand the Bible?
  • Does the Bible have a fixed and definitive ethic upon all it teaches and touches?
  • How should Christians approach and apply the Bible today?