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Biblical Spiritual Meditation

By J. Jones
Publisher: Guided Spiritual Meditation Series; 2021
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Biblical Spiritual Meditation
J. Jones
Guided Spiritual Meditation Series; 2021

Description – In ancient times, meditation had a different meaning than what most people think of today. Meditation had a more active meaning. In the Hebrew, Hagah (pronounced ha-ga or haw-gaw), meditation was the practice of speaking, uttering, making a quiet sound such as sighing. It was to contemplate something as one spoke the words. In Hebrew thought, to meditate upon the Scriptures, one would quietly speak them in a soft voice while abandoning outside distractions.

In this series, we will practice active speaking meditation, or Hagah. We will focus on anxiety and worry, fear, depression, hope, who you are in Christ, peace, power, victory in Christ, and many more. The scripture will be spoken, allowing you time to speak it softly along with.

Our hope and prayer is that as we meditate and focus on God’s Word; that we will be empowered and encouraged, that we will be challenged and convicted, and most importantly, that we will be transformed more into the likeness of His son, Jesus.

Join us on our journey!

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