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Always Near

By Bill Bagents

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“Always Near” shares one self-confessed odd Christian’s ongoing efforts to hear and honor God in the events of daily life. It offers a series of devotional reflections that process events and observations through the wisdom of Scripture.  It invites the reader to join the adventure of listening for subtle spiritual messages that both bless and challenge. It promotes contemplation and spiritual formation.  Occasionally, it even finds a bit of humor.

“Always Near” is a compilation of 120 articles from a decidedly spiritual perspective. It treats the Bible with respect. It flows from conviction that God is all-wise and all-loving; the better we hear Him, the better we’ll live.

“Always Near” portrays God as the most persistent teacher. He has more ways of gaining our attention than we have of ignoring Him.  He is more skilled at reaching out than we are at resisting. He is better at teaching than we are at being dense. Even when we’re seeking Him, God can surprise us with precious lessons that we never saw coming.

Bill Bagents, Vice-President of Academic Affairs at Heritage Christian University, invites us to improve how we hear God and to draw even closer to His heart in Always Near: Listening for Lessons from God (Publish Date: May 15, 2019). Books may be purchased at http://www.hcu.edu/product-category/books/  or from Amazon.

Excerpt: Thrift stores aren’t the worst places to gain philosophical insights. A recent visit yielded a slightly worn coaster bearing these words: “Always remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.” That’s hard to beat for 75 cents.

It’s easy to see ourselves as special. In the sense of Psalm 139:14 and John 3:16, that’s great…. Praise God for making each of us one of a kind! Our uniqueness flows from God.