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Searching for Brandon Bason

By Lance Mosher
Publisher: Lance Mosher Books
Year: 2020
Price: $12.99

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Ever since his mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Brandon Bason has been stuck in the shadow of an abusive stepfather. When a deadly tragedy strikes again, Brandon struggles to contain his anger at the hand he’s been dealt, rejecting any notion of a God who cares about him. Suspended from school only weeks before graduation, Brandon stands at a crossroads. Then, unexpectedly, he receives an old cigar box that offers clues to his real father.
With nothing more to guide him than a well-loved road map to the Grand Canyon and an old, tattered Bible, Brandon embarks on the adventure of a lifetime—but not before roping his friend in for the ride. Along the way, they meet a good Samaritan with whom they form an unlikely friendship and explore life’s big questions. But just when things are looking up, Brandon discovers that what he left behind is much harder to run from than he thought.
Join Brandon on his raw, yet touching, coming-of-age journey. As he searches for the family he never knew he had, will he also find the faith he desperately needs?
How far would you go to learn who you are?