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10 Ways To a Stronger Marriage

By Trey & Lea Morgan

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Trey & Lea Morgan speak to thousands of couples every year on how to strengthen marriages. Whether your marriage is struggling, just okay, or great, this book will challenge you and help you build a stronger marriage. You will find this book both easy to read and very practical. Trey and Lea cover many new topics that are causing challenges for marriages today. A few of the topics covered in this book are cellphones and social media in marriage, conversation, intimacy killers, praise, friendships with the opposite sex, etc. This book was created to give you simple tools to show you how to improve your conversation, build a better friendship, and how to reconnect and take your marriage from being roommates to soulmates. An “Instant Marriage Boost” is included with each chapter. These can greatly benefit your marriage just by taking a few quick minutes to implement them. A section of discussion questions for each chapter is also included that can be used for couples, small groups or bible classes. Chapter 1 – Keep Paddling … Chapter 2: Keep Up the Chase … Chapter 3: Talking Is Not Optional … Chapter 4: Praise: Heap It on Thick … Chapter 5: Let’s Get Naked, But Not THAT Way! … Chapter 6: Let’s Get Naked, Yes THAT Way! … Chapter 7: Treat Your Spouse Better Than They Deserve … Chapter 8: Keep First Things First … Chapter 9: Friendship Matters … Chapter 10: The Overlooked Intimacy … Discussion questions are at the back of the book.