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Laura Akins

Laura Akins

Reviews Editor

Laura Akins loves music, audiobooks and podcasts — anything she can listen to while juggling her many side gigs and life with four kids.

And now she has a legitimate excuse to consume all the media.

Akins returned to The Christian Chronicle as the reviews editor in March 2020 and looks forward to sharing resources that bring her closer to Jesus. Previously, she served as the editor’s assistant for the Chronicle from September 2014 to June 2016, when she took a break to focus primarily on fostering children.

She and her family attend Heritage Church of Christ in Edmond, Okla., where Laura serves as a youth ministry director and her husband, Travis, is the preacher. Over the last decade, the Akinses have opened their home to 11 foster children, but recently, they made the difficult decision to concentrate solely on their four biological kids: Reese, Lucy, Wiley and Scout.

Laura's recent articles:

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