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A Bible study with Morrissey? ‘Duck Dynasty’ stars respond to musician’s boycott on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Thursday update: The Season 3 “Duck Dynasty” premiere scored huge ratings.
“Whoever he is, we love him as our neighbor, hey!”
That’s how Phil Robertson, elder of the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, La., and star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” responded to British singer/songwriter Morrissey’s boycott of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” due to an appearance by Robertson and his family on the late-night talk show.
Robertson also offered to have a Bible study with Morrissey, and appeared to make Kimmel just a little bit uncomfortable when he started preaching near the end of the interview.
Robertson, along with sons Willie and Jase and brother Si, appeared on Kimmel’s show to promote the third season of their reality-based TV show, “Duck Dynasty,” which debuts Feb. 27 on A&E.

Morrissey (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

When Morrissey, an outspoken animal rights activist, found out they would be appearing on the program, he canceled his performance on the same night. Morrissey said he could not “morally be on a television program where the cast members of ‘Duck Dynasty’ will also be guests,” according to Kimmel, who also said that the recording artist had told him that, “as far as my reputation is concerned, I can’t take the risk of being on a show alongside people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers.”
Morrissey (whose full name is Steven Patrick Morrissey) is a solo artist and former lead singer of The Smiths, a popular British band that, in 1985, released an album titled “Meat is Murder.” Among their biggest hits is the 1984 song “How Soon is Now?” (“You shut your mouth; How can you say; I go about things the wrong way? I am human and I need to be loved; Just like everybody else does”)
“We need a Bible study with him, but other than that …” Robertson said, before Kimmel cut him off, praising the Robertson family for the meals around the table featured at the end of each “Duck Dynasty” episode.
He didn’t mention the prayer that precedes those meals, but Phil Robertson seized the opportunity nonetheless.
“Kimmel, the only hope that an atheist has is that he not be there,” Phil Robertson said. “That ain’t much of a hope. Y’see what I’m sayin’?”
“Amen,” Kimmel replied.
Read our recent profile of the Robertson family and their faith, and our report on Jase Robertson baptizing a fan of the show.

Jase, Si, Willie and Phil Robertson, stars of “Duck Dynasty” (Photo provided by A&E)

  • Feedback
    The Robertson Family make us all proud to be a part of the body of Christ.
    Rickey Eppes
    February, 27 2013

    Hey Jack! That Morriston dude is from across the pond and they jest eat hot tea and crumpets. Their ducks, squirrels and crappies ain’t like ours in Monroe. La. and here in Comanche County, Texas They could really benefit from a. “Come to Jesus meeting singing. and dinner on the ground ….Jack…..! Amen
    Mack Courtney a Christian
    February, 27 2013

    PS. I would rather hear Barbie Mandrel or Tennessee Earnie Ford anyway. I do have a couple duck calls but they were my daddies and they are over 60 years old and only call up really old ducks, mostly mudhens
    Mack Courtney a Christian
    February, 27 2013

    I applaud you for keeping your standards! What a great testamony to all of us who are followers of Our Savior Jesus Christ!!!
    February, 27 2013

    The truth is boring? Also what happened to “If meat make my brother to offend”?
    Wesley N Dawson
    February, 27 2013

    Good point about not offending your brother and visa versa. All the brothers I know all like to hunt and fish. Being a good Christian around here is if you kill an animal or bird or catch a mess of fish, frogs or crawdads. then you should invite your brother over when you cook them up and share your bounty with him.
    Mack Courtney a Christian
    February, 27 2013

    I give Phil a lot of credit for being bold and making clear statements that reflect christian values. However, I am curious about the word “BLEEP” about 3:50 into the segment about not shaving and bathing?.?. I know that A&E edited in some bleeps in season one but did Kimmel do the same or did Phil let one slip?
    February, 28 2013

    Drew: I’m curious about that as well. Based on what I’ve seen on the show, I’m guessing that Phil probably said “crap.” The family seems to use that word a lot on the show. I’m not a big fan of it, obviously, but I suppose it’s preferable to a lot of what gets bleeped on reality TV.
    Erik Tryggestad
    February, 28 2013

    Not to nit-pick, but why does Morrissey need a Bible study just because he is morally opposed to killing animals? I didn’t see Kimmel but the article makes it look like Robertson responded to Morrissey’s criticism by suggesting a Bible study for him. Honestly, and it may not have been intended that way, but it sounded arrogant. I’m not a big fan of what the Robertson’s do either (the duck hunting part, not the evangelizing), although not necessarily morally opposed to it. Do I need a Bible study also? I think we need a little less insular thinking if we want the Church of Christ to be relevant outside the southern United States.
    February, 28 2013

    Willie, in a recent lecture at Harding, commented on the network adding bleeps to the show.
    He said the family does not curse, but A&E adds the sound effect to make it appear as if they do. The Robertsons were not very happy about that, but don’t have final editorial approval on the show.
    Similarly, the network loves to omit the “In Jesus’ name…” part of the prayer at the dinner table.
    chuck monan
    February, 28 2013

    If it is the word I think he said (kinda hear a shhh sound)then it is said all throughout cable TV (sadly). I know no one is perfect and mistakes happen but given they are putting themselves out in front of millions you would hope that they keep it as clean as possible. Given the benefit of the doubt I hope they can find a way to prevent this occurance. I agree their show is the only thing really worth watching nowadays.
    February, 28 2013

    I think Morrissey was only trying for some publicity. I never heard of him before, but that may just show my own ignorance. I know Phil and the Duck Pak. Love the show. I do eat meat and fish and I catch and release fish. Thank God for these Christians (Duck Dynasty) who do much for the kingdom of Jesus Christ.
    February, 28 2013

    God cares about the animals…they are mentioned when he said that he would never again destroy all living creatures by water (thus the amazing rainbow in the sky reminder- Genesis 9:10-17)…but He did give the animals to us as food. (Genesis 9:3) We should always be humane in our treatment of them, but their importance shouldn’t be placed above that of people and their needs. Some people can not bear the thought of eating or hurting animals, and that is their right, just as it is ours to have meat in our diet. I believe most of life boils down to: Are we showing love and respect for others? Are we trying our best to please God? Are we spreading around the Good News of the salvation we have been given? 🙂
    CJ, proud 2 be a Christian
    February, 28 2013

    If man were not omnivore, if ducks were endangered species, or if the Robertsons were just indiscriminately killing ducks and not making use of their meat Morrissey might have some argument. As omnivores we are designed to eat meat as well as fruit and vegetables. So what is the problem? Of course, I assume Morissey is opposed to anyone killing cattle, sheep, and pigs for food. Question, why doesn’t he boycott appearances on all shows where the host and producers are not vegan?
    February, 28 2013

    I watched the program ONCE; and that was enough for me. Not my type program. I think the Elder should be about HIS Fther’s business and spread the Gospel a bit more respectful. Why expose killing animals on tv that some are offended by. Also, suggesting that someone needs a Bible study just because they are offended by it seems unusual. There is a time, place, and season for all things. Not very good publicity for the church.
    February, 28 2013

    The Bible study reference may have been so that Phil could show Morissey where God laid a spread of animals before Peter and said, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat” (Acts 14:13). And this presupposes that Morissey would be persuaded by scripture. But, perhaps Phil thought he could at least share why he believes hunting and eating meat doesn’t make one guilty of murder.
    As to not offending someone by eating meat, I don’t think the Robertson’s were planning a sit down meal of hunted game on the show where Morissey might feel pressure to eat, and weren’t going to put meat in front of him. Morissey simply wouldn’t be on the same stage with them because they hunt and eat meat – and I don’t think it was for reasons Paul alluded to in 1 Corinthians.
    As to an Elder being about his Father’s business, as suggested: most elders I know have had, or currently have a job they make their living at and serve as an elder without pay. Phil Robertson makes a living this way, and my sense is (whether Duck Dynasty is your style or not) that his heart is to glorify God in his work.
    March, 1 2013

    A preacher’s daughter for 26 years, I look forward to watching a TV show that I do not have to hear God’s name in vain. I’ve been hunting with my dad & I love to fish. Some of the best food to eat, God created that didn’t come directly from a grocery store and alot more fun getting it! Anyone can do a Bible study just by opening it up! If more people would read the Bible and pray, the world would be a much better place to live! God talks to us through the Bible and praying is talking to God through His son, Jesus. I’m proud of Phil for stating what he believes. I’m proud of the whole family! You will have enemies if you stand up for what you believe in. Morrissey needs our prayers! He’s no better than anyone else on this earth. He puts his pants on the same way we all do. It’s probably a blessing that he wasn’t there. Duck Dynasty is one show that I can throughly enjoy without having to hear or see anything vulgar or nasty and that makes me happy, happy, happy…Jack!
    March, 4 2013

    I read my Bible and am a preacher of God’s good news. The passage partially quoted is so wrong. I Cor. 8 has to do with meat sacrificed to idols.That was a problem in Corinth. It is also mentioned other places in the Bible. The Word also says, “But take care lest this liberty of yours somehow become a stumbling block to the weak. Who are the weak, do a little Bible study read verse 7 for your own information.
    March, 4 2013

    I had never really listened to Morrisey until I read this article so I looked up some lyrics. It is sad to me that a man who would sing:
    “Well, just look at me
    A savage Beast with nothing to sell
    And when I die, I want to go to Hell
    And that’s when goodbye should be farewell” would be offended by being on a talk show with hunters. Even more some want to accuse Phil of being judgemental for suggesting a Bible study?

    The Robertsons have opened so many doors for me to talk with people about who we are and what we believe. Joining in conversations with fans of the show, I always point out that they are us. It shows the church in a much more positive light than media has traditionally shown. They work, laugh, love and pray and our kids are blessed with a good example

    March, 4 2013

    Just what all church of Christ members to know that Phil Robertson is coming to our town to preach. The Presbyterians are bringing him here and they are charging $20 a ticket. I don’t know about you but I don’t think it is right to charge to preach the word of God.
    March, 5 2013

    Mr. Mirrissey is not a ‘brother’ in Christ yet, I believe, but I hope he becomes one. Killing animals/birds/fish is not ‘murder’, and humans are not animals. Note that in Genesis chapters 1-2, the fish, fowl, and all animals. were CREATED on the 5th & 6th creation days, by the ‘spoken word of God’, and for the earth to produce them, & they came forth. However, God the Father then said to the other 2 of the Godhead, The Spirit, & The Logos- the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ, “let us Make man in our image”. So the 3 made=formed the man from the dirt. When finished, they breathed into him the breath of life and he became a living soul. Then They assigned man to have authority & control over the animate & inanimate things of creation. Such a difference from all the animal life. Of course sometime later they did the same with Adams lovely counterpart, and made=formed the woman, named Eve, who became Adams wife. I am grateful to be a born again child of God, a Christian and upholder of Gods creation (Hebrews 11.1 & 6). God sets the terms of life and death, not man. Gods blessings to one and all.
    March, 5 2013

    […] love him as our neighbor, hey!� Phil Robertson told Kimmel. The patriarch of the Robertson family also offered to have a Bible study with Morrissey (as you can see in the above video).Surprisingly enough (or […]
    Duck, duck, ghost: Media miss faith angle on ‘Duck Dynasty’
    March, 7 2013

    The Bible study mentioned would probably have contained Gods word as revealed in 1 Timothy 4:1-5. This shows that God created “meats” or animals for man to use as food and that we should thank Him for them when we have them for meals. This passage also shows that when men depart from the faith, they will teach people “to abstain from eating meats which God created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth”. The truth will surly set you free.
    Doug Bullington
    March, 16 2013

    I love the show duck dynasty and there bibicial values and yes duck hunting too.Iwatch the show all the time,I love it very much,rock on.
    roger reed
    March, 25 2013

    It was probably a good idea that Morrisey didn’t show up…….with that haircut, he looks like a duck and probably felt endangered!! LOL
    Spicy Thomas
    April, 4 2013

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